It’s Selfie Time at Selfie WRLD Jax

Friday night we got to check out a new selfie studio that just opened here in Jacksonville! It’s called Selfie WRLD, and features 20 differently themed sets where you can take your own photos with a ring light, your phone and a Bluetooth remote. You can also bring a friend or a photographer to take the photos if you prefer.

Welcome to Selfie WRLD Jax Selfie World photography studio in Jacksonville, Florida
Welcome to Selfie WRLD Jax

A Unique Selfie Studio

I’m a fan of selfie photography and use a ring light at home to take a lot of my photos, so I was very intrigued by the Selfie WRLD concept. You book a reservation for $20/hr and then they give you a ring light and connect your phone to the Bluetooth remote. You use the remote to take your photos. They limit the number of people to 60 for each hour, which honestly seems like a lot to me, but I’m on the shy side so I don’t like a lot of people around when I’m trying to take a pic. I think I’d want to call and ask for the least busy times to book.

I asked them about this and they said they have the option to adjust, but that they had 60 people an hour booked for the grand opening night and it went smoothly. The place was packed full when I was there for the VIP night preview, but it wasn’t by time slot so I’m sure there were way more than 60 people trying to get pics at the same time. I did manage to get into two sets for pics though!

There are 20 different sets to choose from, and they change the designs every four months. They will also have themed sets tailored to the seasons and holidays. Selfie WRLD is a franchise, but the sets are different in every location. They have five required sets that are the same and then the rest are unique.

More than Just a Backdrop

Each photo area is more than just a backdrop- they are interactive mini-photography sets with three walls, flooring, furniture and props. There’s even a set with swings you can sit on and one with a full ball pit! They take the selfie beyond the backdrop and turn it into a real photoshoot opportunity.

There’s also two changing rooms so you can change outfits for multiple looks, but I didn’t see an area where you could change your make-up. A vanity area might be a good idea for the future. I was already matching different costumes to the different areas- Dazzler for the disco ball area, Scarlet Witch on the red couch, Ivy in front of the flower wall…so many ideas! I’m looking forward to going back for a longer visit and bringing some fun outfits!

Selfie WRLD Jacksonville

11112 San Jose Blvd, Suite 25
Jacksonville, Florida 32223


*PS: I find it interesting that I keep seeing comments from people on Instagram about how Selfie WRLD stole the idea or ripped off another photo studio, as if we live in a society of monopolies. Do people go around saying Burger King ripped off Mc Donalds? Target ripped off K-mart? or maybe Six Flags ripped off Disney? No, because competition is normal in the world of business. And it’s good for business too. I hadn’t even heard of this concept before, and because of Selfie WRLD Jax opening up, now I know about another selfie studio here in Jacksonville and two in Orlando! And I’d love to check out the other places. If your business can’t handle competition, then you shouldn’t be in business. Nobody is going to be the favorite of every customer, and people enjoy having options.

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