An Interview with The Mighty Ones

Season 2 of The Mighty Ones from DreamWorks Animation premieres on Peacock and Hulu on July 1, 2021, and I got the chance to interview Alex Cazares and Josh Brenner, otherwise known as Strawberry and Twig from the show.

I only had time to ask a few questions, so here’s the answers to my inquires about The Mighty Ones backyard origins, the creative process behind the Supreme Bee Dance, and whether we might see them at a Comic Con any time soon. Alex and Josh were a lot of fun to interview and my son is now a huge fan of the show, after we got a sneak peak at the screeners for season two. He had to watch them all several times, so it’s a good thing I liked them too!

All About the The Mighty Ones:

*quoted from the press release

Offbeat pals “Rocksy,” “Twig,” “Leaf,” and “Very Berry” return for 10 all-new episodes of The Mighty Ones, created and executive produced by ​Sunil Hall​ (“Gravity Falls”) and ​Lynne Naylor (“Samurai Jack”), and featuring the creative team behind some of the most influential animated series of the last two decades (​”The Ren & Stimpy Show,​​” “SpongeBob SquarePants,”​“The Powerpuff Girls”)​. Season two debuts July 1st on Peacock and Hulu, with special guest stars Manila Luzon (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Fortune Feimster (“Kenan,” Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar), and Stephen Root (Office Space, “Amphibia”)!

In every backyard exists a secret world filled with tiny creatures, and The Mighty Ones follows the hilarious misadventures of the smallest of them: a twig, a pebble, a leaf and a strawberry. Living in the unkempt backyard belonging to a trio of equally unkempt humans – who they mistake for gods – these self-proclaimed Mighty Ones are determined to live large and have fun in their wild wonderland, despite their diminutive stature.

In season 2, the misadventures of The Mighty Ones continue as they explore their backyard wonderland and learn more about the strange creatures they share it with. A flood forces the group to live as pirates searching for dry land, Rocksy dabbles in a home makeover, and Very Berry makes a new feathery “friend” who may or may not see her as food. These mighty little beings are relatively fearless, a little misguided and always have each others’ backs come snow, wind or any atmospheric phenomenon that threatens the yard they call home. 

The Mighty Ones

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Candy Keane is a digital content creator and long-time cosplayer, most well-known for being on the cover of the Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies. After making costumes professionally for over a decade, she now writes about about geek culture and mom life, and continues to cosplay for fun, while sharing her love of costumes on Instagram @SewGeekMama. Her first children’s book, I’m Going to My First Comic Convention, was published in 2020 and won a Story Monsters Approved award for Excellence in Literature.

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