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My Husband Wants You to Try Gobble So We Can Order It Again

Gobble is the latest meal kit subscription box we’ve tried and wow, was it good! But also it’s one of the pricier ones, so I told my husband I’d get another box if someone uses my code that earns me a Gobble credit and gives the user their first two meals for two for $18. So first, here’s my magic referral code: — and now I’ll show you how delicious Gobble is so maybe you will want to think about getting that box…

Gobble meal delivery box
The Gobble Box

The Gobble Meal Kit Subscription Box

I’ll start right off by saying this one is one of the more expensive meal kit boxes I’ve tried, about the same price or higher than Home Chef. But it was SO GOOD that I totally recommend at least trying out the first discounted meals. Their undiscounted meals are $12 each, plus $7 shipping for the box. This means my usual order order of 6 meals equals $79! This is quite a hike from my usual Every Plate box, which costs me around $36. If you are in search of a good quality lower priced box, than I highly recommend Every Plate. I’ve tried a lot of different boxes and always find my way back to them. If you want to try them instead, well I have a code for that too! Click here to save $20 off your first Every Plate box.

Now, back to Gobble! Gobble is more expensive, but their meals are like eating at a fancy restaurant. In comparison, Every Plate and Hello Fresh are a little more “home cooking” style. So when you think about it, nearly $80 is WAY less than you’d spend at a nice restaurant for six gourmet meals. And Gobble may not make it for you, but they do part of the prep work so it makes it easy to prepare a decadent dinner in under 30 min. I liked that they prepared only what could be kept fresh after being cut and left some things whole to be prepped at home. I didn’t like how Home Chef had everything prepped and sliced and it all seemed kind of artificial when I was making it. So I was happy that Gobble left some of the work for me to do, and slice or chop how I liked.

Everything was nicely packaged and easy to find. Each meal was individually packaged together with the recipe. The ingredients were all top notch, except for one sad cucumber. It happens with almost every meal box I’ve tried though, and since this was my first discounted box, I didn’t complain and just used a cucumber I already had.

Gobble’s Ingredients and Meals

The three meals I chose for my first box were seared barramundi, sumac seasoned sirloin steak and chicken scaloppini. I found the meals to be fairly simple to make and the instructions easy to follow. It was exciting to have new fun ingredients to work with like sumac seasoning, artichoke hearts and cremini mushrooms. And their toppings were next level with savory treats like goat cheese medallions rolled in crushed walnuts. My husband has requested we put goat cheese on everything now.

Are You Ready to Try a Box?

If you want to break out of a cooking rut and take it up a notch, give Gobble a try! Just please use my code so I can splurge on another box and my husband thanks you too!

Get your first two meals for two for just $18!

gobble meal kit box delivery subscription

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