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From DragonCon to MommyCon

Since 2005, this time of year has meant one thing, and one thing only: DRAGONCON! From the first moment I stepped foot into the amazing costume/cosplay/fandom/craziness that is DragonCon, I felt at home. I remember checking into my hotel and immediately running up to my room to change into one of the many costumes I had brought. It was something I looked forward to, and planned for, all year long. Until now…

I’m currently watching my Facebook feed fill up with photos of people packing and heading to Atlanta. And Facebook memories have popped up every day this week with various old profile photos stating “Gone to DragonCon!” And in a strange twist, I too, am packing for a convention. I might find a few costume characters there, some tiny people stumbling about, and they are sure to have panels and vendors…but this con will be a far cry from my usual Labor Day weekend shenanigans. This year, I’m going to MommyCon!

mommycon orlandoIf you told me this a few years ago, I would have laughed myself silly. I’d never imagine myself heading to a convention filled with moms and babies over my beloved costume party mecca. Everybody says life will change when you have a baby, but even I didn’t anticipate how much I’d change! Of course I look forward to returning to DC when my son gets a little older, when I think he’d enjoy seeing all the fun costumes and maybe even agree to wear a costume longer than five minutes. It’s always fun to take a break and then go back and see how everything has changed.

But for now, I’m excited to be a media guest for the first time at a non-cosplay related convention and hopefully meet other mommy blogger/Instagram people in person, and get nerdy in a new way. Let’s geek out over your favorite WordPress plug-ins, swap hashtags and then laugh about that booger on your sleeve that isn’t even your’s. Tell me all about your favorite Instagram filter and your special secret to the perfect flat lay. I want to know! And we may not be in costume, but I do want to know where you got those cute leggings that make juice stains look like they go with the outfit.

Leave me a comment if you are going! I’d love to meet up. And if you are interested in attending MommyCon Orlando, Click Here for Tickets!

Past fun at DragonCon…wonder how my MommyCon pics will compare? lol

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