The Best Horror Games to Enjoy This Halloween

It’s Halloween night, the kids are done trick-or-treating and tucked into bed, so what do you do now? You could put on a scary movie, but if you’re looking for a more immersive experience, why not try a scary video game? Our Guest Geek Katie O’Donnell covers a few of the top rated scary games this spooky season.

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The Best Horror Games to Enjoy This Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and it is a time for Moms across the country to think about costumes, fun activities and celebrations. We’ve already shown you how to do Freddy Krueger makeup and given you the chance to win Addams Family video games to help you enjoy the season. Many moms won’t be able to head out once the family are tucked up safe and sound, so you might flop down on the couch in your makeup and look for your own adult scares differently.

You might watch films, but you might want a gaming experience a little more serious than the Addams Family. Scary video games are everywhere, from mobile to console and whilst the former will let you play anywhere, the latter provides a serious experience. If it is mobile you choose to play on, there are plenty of themed games out there, frightening or not, that you can enjoy. For instance, there are puzzle games, such as Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and Candies and Curses. There are online slots, such as Gala Casino titles Halloween Fortune II and Halloween Jack. There are also out-and-out horror games, such as Zombies, Run. All offer a Halloween-themed experience without too much fear.

However, if you want genuine frights, don’t-look-now moments that put the fear of the season in you, then you’ll want to turn to one of these video games. Some might be classics now, but they’re no less frightening than the moment they were released. We’d say ‘enjoy’, but the truth is, you might not feel anything other than fear for days afterwards.

Resident Evil

You’ll find Resident Evil on many platforms, from PC to PS4, Xbox 360 to GameCube. The very best experience is perhaps the recent remaster, but once Halloween had gone from family-friendly to serious scares, this is one game you’ll want to try. It was a front-runner of the genre, with AV Club discussing how it is now 25-years old but no less impactful than when it first dropped. It was the first real horror game that merged realistic graphics and storyline in a playable format. It’s also fun; not only are there plenty of frights but puzzles to keep you on your toes and an endearing storyline.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

What is fear? Helplessness? The unknown? Both of these are something traded heavily upon in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Armed only with a lamp, you have to survive this nervy, atmospheric thriller, but it isn’t that simple. Running into the monsters is a no go; there’s utter helplessness if you do. Staying in the dark is a good option, but do so for too long, and it drains your sanity. If Resident Evil defined a genre, then Amnesia takes horror gaming in a new direction. Be prepared to be petrified.

Silent Hill 2

One key takeaway from this is that the newer machines are not always the best; Resident Evil was frightening on PS1, and Silent Hill 2 much the same on the next generation of consoles. Fancy graphics and effects are not essential for a horror game; fear, tension and the unknown are. It features a mix of puzzles and mystery with genuine horrific antagonists that are just as terrifying in their rather dated graphical state as anywhere else. Avoid the HD remasters; they just don’t do the original justice. If you don’t have a PS2, the best way to play is probably a PC emulator. Finding that might keep you amused for a week before Halloween!

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations for a spooky evening of gaming. If you have a favorite horror game, let us know what it is in the comments!

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