Game Review: Just Dance 2022

I was a fan of Ubisoft’s Just Dance back when it came out on the Wii years ago, and recently I got to get my groove on again with Just Dance 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. Just Dance is back, bigger than ever with special dances and songs just for kids, and also available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

*We were sent Just Dance 2022 free to review and this post contains Amazon affiliate links

just dance 2022 video game

Fun for the Whole Family: Just Dance 2022

The basic idea for Just Dance 2022 is the same as usual- follow the moves and score points, but everything else has gotten an upgrade since my days on the Wii. Plus, this time around I got to add a new dancing partner- my 6-year-old son. The cool thing about the new version is that there is a special kid’s section with kid-friendly songs and easier dances. The dances are also led by different characters rather than the usual dancers.

We worked up a sweat testing out a mix of song types and levels and my son actually got pretty invested in winning. We were playing on the Nintendo Switch, and I feel like the controllers we had didn’t register the moves as accurately as the Wii controllers. I have to confess that I let my son win a few times to get him excited about the game, and to do so I had to sit my controller down for half the song so it wouldn’t give me points for any kind of movement. I was beating him pretty bad at first and had to let him know this was not mommy’s first time playing lol.

New Songs and Options for Just Dance 2022

The Nintendo Switch is already set up for this kind of game because you can pop off your controllers and each hold one in your hand as you dance. For other game systems you don’t need any additional gaming equipment, but you will need to use a phone app that goes with Just Dance 2022 to track your movement. You can choose to battle each other in person or go online and do dance battles with other people.

If you play on Nintendo, you can also get neat wrist strap accessories to hold the controllers. Click here to find them on Amazon.

The music selection has really expanded (40 new songs), plus when you purchase the game, you’ll have access to a 1-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited which has tons of songs you can search and play on demand. The songs are a great mix of classics and popular hits, including everybody’s favorite kid’s tune: Baby Shark! do do do do do do….(sorry if it’s in your head now!)

We had a lot of fun playing this, and now it’s a regular request from my son. I don’t mind one bit since I can’t complain about a little extra exercise.

Click here to check out Just Dance 2022 by Ubisoft and get moving!

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