Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks, The B Roll: A Break, a Bridge and Blue’s Clues

All the blog highlights this week start with the letter B! My son is on Spring Break, so we headed to Alabama to see family and wish my grandmother a belated happy 80th birthday. Before we left, we did an unboxing for Blue’s Clues & You: Blue’s Big Baking Show, taste-tested a cool new Limited Edition Sakura Box from Bokksu, and I shared one of my scarier childhood memories for the WordPress #WordPrompt of the month: Bridge.

WordPress #WordPrompt: Bridge

This is my first time participating the WordPress WordPrompt project, where they give you a writing prompt every month based on one word. This month the word is bridge, so I shared a personal story about the day the Sunshine Skyway bridge was hit and partially collapsed, sending cars plummeting off the edge. It happened when I was little, and the incident made me a little wary of large bridges to this day.

Blue’s Clues and You Big Baking Show

Blue’s Clues and You is celebrating the new DVD release of Blue’s Big Baking Show! And to help set the mood, Nickelodeon sent us authentic Filipino treats called Ube Crinkle Cookies, all the way from the Calajo Catering bakery in Los Angeles, CA.

Check out our unboxing on IGTV below, and click here to pick up a copy of Blue’s Big Baking Show on Amazon.

It’s Spring Break!

Spring Break is something that only recently re-entered my life when my son started school. This year we planned a little trip to Alabama to see my family and also to wish my grandmother a belated Happy Birthday. She turned 80 in February, but our original trip got rescheduled until now. My son is quite the little traveler, starting with Hawaii at 7 months old and then two trips to Ireland before he turned two. He did great on the trip and had tons of fun with his cousins.

The worst part was having to wear masks (and convincing him to keep his on) in the airport and on the plane. Things have pretty much gone back to normal except that requirement. So they are back to packing the planes to capacity now, unlike when I flew during the more strict COVID times and had a lot of space to myself.

That’s it for this update! Next up we have a SpongeBob unboxing, a review of Rainbow 6 (the video game) and a Tryazon Party for Lucky Iron Fish.
Hope you are all having a good start to Spring!

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