5 Healthy Video Game Habits Everyone Should Follow

A lot of parents are a bit cautious about letting their kids venture into video gaming territory. They don’t want them to start too early, play too much, miss out on real-world playtime, etc. And those are all valid concerns. Our Guest Geek post this week goes over five healthy habits to follow for creating a better gaming experience.

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5 Healthy Video Game Habits Everyone Should Follow

You are probably already aware that there are many different advantages of playing video games. For example, you can improve your cognitive abilities, socialize and even learn new skills that can benefit you later in life. However, it’s also crucial that you play them responsibly. As great as they can be, it’s easy to become addicted, and you could potentially impact your productivity and wellbeing.

In this article, we will talk about five healthy video game habits everyone should follow. Sound interesting? Then let’s get started.

Always research before purchasing a game

Researching a game before purchasing can help you out in several ways. For instance, you’ll be able to determine if it will be something you enjoy and won’t be wasting money on a game you’ll never play. You can look up videos online to see the game being played, or check with your platform’s online store to see if there is a demo to download so you can actually try out playing the game before purchasing.

You’ll also be able to check that the game is appropriate and suitable for its intended player. is an excellent place for the latest information and also provides access to walkthroughs and guides that can be helpful in making an informed decision.

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Know your limits

One main issue with gaming is that it’s common to get very frustrated. Of course, we all know how challenging it can be when facing a difficult boss, but you don’t want it to affect your mental state.

If you feel that you are getting overwhelmed, switch off the console and try again later. Knowing your limits really is crucial if you want to prevent unnecessary stress. Who knows, you may come back with a clear head and beat it on your first try.

Editor’s note– this is something I keep trying to stress to my son! Just sit it down and walk away. Often, you’ll come back and be able to make it through whatever was giving you a hard time.

Prioritize other tasks first

It’s easy to get sucked into a great game for hours, but this can often cause problems in our daily life. A great habit is to prioritize other tasks first before sitting down in front of your computer or television. So before you find yourself obsessed with beating the big boss or where to find runes or treasure, make sure you get your important stuff done first.

For instance, you might make it a rule that you have to clean your house first before you can play. You might also allocate a set time each day to avoid impacting other responsibilities. 

Take regular breaks

Staring at a digital screen for hours isn’t good for our health and eyesight. Therefore, you want to take regular breaks, whether you’re gaming after work or on your day off.

Most experts and e-sport players recommend taking at least 5 minutes (preferably 15-20) each 50-90 minutes of gameplay. However, this varies depending on the person and what other tasks you may have to complete.

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Ignore negativity

Finally, if you’re playing games online, it’s important that you filter out the negativity you may experience. Unfortunately, not every player you come across will be kind, and cyberbullying is a very real occurrence.

If you’re uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to block and report them through the appropriate channels. If you have children and are concerned, you can read more about keeping them safe online here.

Final words

And that’s it! These are five healthy video game habits everyone should follow. Now you can game responsibly and, most importantly, have fun.

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