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Do Robotic Vacuums Really Work? A Review of the Eufy RoboVac G20

Robotic vacuums sound like a magical invention- just press a button, walk away and reap the reward of clean floors! While it’s not quite that easy, I was able to get to know my new Eufy RoboVac G20 enough to work with it to make it almost that easy. I say almost, because if you have a house with other people, kids, animals, furniture, etc., then the first thing you’ll need to do before pressing that go button is to prep the area so the RoboVac can do its job.

*I was provided a free Eufy RoboVac G20 for the purpose of writing an honest review. All opinions are my own. Article may contain affiliate links.

We Need to Clean Before the Cleaning Lady Arrives

My husband used to think it was so funny that his mom would clean up the house before the cleaning lady got there. Fast forward to being all grown up and hiring a cleaning person for the first time, and then you realize what mom was doing. You have to clear the way so they can clean the things that need to be cleaned. And you need to do the same thing with the RoboVac.

The RoboVac G20 packs 2500Pa super strong suction power and you don’t want it sucking up your cords and things you might have lying on the floor, so you’ll want to clear the area of items in the way and bundle up any loose wires or cords. The box comes with a few zip ties to help you prep your house. The G20’s ultra-slim design means it’s going to fit under your couch and other furniture you may not have cleaned under for a while. Make sure you look under furniture for things that may cause the RoboVac to get stuck.

If you want it to clean the whole floor, you’ll need to move your chairs up off the floor, but this is a step I only do every few times. It will work its way around them eventually, but you’ll always get a faster and better clean by moving things out of the way.

What About Obstacles, Ledges and Animals?

The Eufy RoboVac G20 works its way around things in its path, following a calculated cleaning route using smart navigation. It tries to stick to an “S” type path and will bump and move around items until it can continue cleaning. Sometimes it gets confused and will clean an area a few times before figuring out how to move on- this is where moving things out of the way comes in.

And don’t worry about ledges- as soon as the RoboVac senses a ledge, it backs off. It never got close to falling down our stairs. You can also set up physical barriers if needed, as sometimes dark or reflective floors may make the anti-drop sensors less effective. They also have boundary strips (sold separately) that you can place to keep the RoboVac out of certain areas.

Animals are a gamble, as it just depends on your pet. We had a Roomba years ago, and our previous dog would stalk it, attack it, and then I’d see it wandering across the floor with its backend hanging off spewing the dirt right back out behind it. But our current dog doesn’t seem to mind the new RoboVac one bit. Possibly because it’s pretty quiet compared to our old robotic vacuum. He’s a bit wary of it though, and just gives it its space.

But How Much Can It Really Hold?

Since the space to hold the dirt and hair it sucks up is limited (compared to a standard vac), I recommend using the RoboVac as a maintenance tool. It’s not going to replace your main big vacuum when you really need to clean the whole area. But the dirt container does hold an impressive amount and had no trouble holding everything for my entire floor when using it regularly.

It only got overfilled the very first time I used it. I hadn’t vacuumed in a bit, so it had a lot to pick up! And the suction on it is powerful enough to leave tracks in your carpet so you can see where it cleaned.

Your New Robo Friend

The bottom line is that you have to get to know your new RoboVac to help it do the best job. Eufy makes set-up and care easy. The vacuum even finds its way back home to the charger when the battery is running low. There’s also a handy app to download that will help you adjust settings and even locate your RoboVac if you can’t find it. It’s simple to get going right out of the box. And I found it very easy to open, empty and clean the filter. I think the Eufy RoboVac G20 is quite an upgrade from my old robotic vac and I’ve been putting it to use almost every day to keep my floors nice and clean.

You can find this model on their website here: RoboVac G20 or click here get it on Amazon.

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