I Finally Caught Covid, and It Sucked

The first Covid symptom I noticed was a little tickle in my throat. Like a feather making me want to cough. My husband had come down with Covid about five days earlier, followed by my son, and then finally it got me. My husband and I are vaccinated, and as soon as he got sick we started wearing masks at home and doing lots of extra hand sanitizing. And we still all got it. The only good part is that our initial safety measures at least delayed me getting it until they started feeling better.

It’s Positive, You Got Covid

My husband started feeling bad last week and went right to the doctor and got a positive Covid test. They told him he was healthy enough to not need any help getting through it and to just go home, rest and drink plenty of fluids. Three days after that, my son woke up with a stuffy nose and cough, so I immediately tested him and he was positive.

By that time I’d already ordered a five pack of Covid tests off Amazon. They came the next day and were really use to use! I’m really glad I got the five pack because we went through all those and I even ordered more. Click here to find Covid tests I got on Amazon. The five pack is $35, which makes them the best deal if you need enough tests for a family.

I had only just found out about the free ones you can get from the government. I have put in an order for those, but they still have not arrived and we are all almost done with Covid now! You can get three rounds of those tests for free, and I recommend signing up for them NOW because they won’t arrive in time if you actually need them.

Click here to order your FREE Covid tests from the goverment. Get them now before you actually need them!

The Covid Coma

I was lucky by the time it hit me that my husband was feeling better, because I crawled into bed and lost several days of my life in what felt like a coma of fatigue, fever, headache, coughing and general brain fog. I just lied there all day, feeling super crappy. I didn’t want to get up, or eat, or do anything. I didn’t even want to watch TV because my eyes felt like they were burning from the fever.

The bad part lasted two or three days, I lost count. I just know that now it’s Friday, and I missed out on a whole week. My son missed his summer camp and I missed out on celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. And I have a ton of work piled up. I’m trying not to freak out and climb back in bed just to hide from everything that piles up when you’re sick.

I still have a touch of the fatigue and am not back 100% yet. Today is the first day I feel well enough to sit at the computer and type, so of course I hopped right on the blog to talk about what happened.

In fact, I think that’s about all I had in me, and I’m going back to lie down again to recharge before trying to attempt something else productive.

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