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Meal Box Kit Review: Every Plate is the Best Deal and Gobble is the Best Splurge

I love meal box kits! They take care of the one big question my husband asks me every day: “What’s for dinner?” I love getting a box and knowing I have three nights already planned. I’ve tried a ton and narrowed it down to two that I keep ordering regularly: Every Plate and Gobble. One is a great deal and the other is a gourmet splurge. Read on to see the reasons why and get special discounts on both boxes!

Top Meal Kits: Every Plate and Gobble

Hello Fresh used to be my go-to box, but it was eventually replaced by Every Plate. The two companies are actually owned by the same people, but Every Plate is cheaper and a little more on the simple side. The reason I like it is that it is easy to use my own ingredients to bump up the meals to something better. Sometimes that means just adding a salad or a few extra veggies to a mix. One of my favorite options is to order a vegetarian meal and then add my own meat to it.

Every Plate is currently giving away $105 in discounts for new customers! Check it out here: Save $105 on Every Plate

The Every Plate Details:

Price: With no discounts added, I get three meals for two people (6 meals total) for about $45.

Meals: Meal selection is basic, but varied, and leans more toward traditional dinner choices. Very good for beginner cooks and non-adventurous eaters. But the skilled and adventurous can take their simple meals and make them spectacular.

Time: Prep time usually runs 30 min. – 1hr, depending on what I’m adding to the recipe. Overall dinner takes about two hours, though I do usually take my time. All the ingredients are whole and fresh, so you will be doing all the chopping, slicing, etc. The recipes are all printed on easy-to-read cards.

Reliability: Delivery has been pretty reliable, and they are quick to respond to refund requests if you get bad ingredients. For example- I’ve gotten old green beans or rotten cilantro. This happens with all the boxes here and there. For the most part, everything has arrived in good condition.

As a side note, Blue Apron is the company that I had the most trouble with getting quality ingredients. The fish would always stink after a day, and one box arrived three days late and completely rotten. I finally just gave up on them.

The Gobble Details:

When you want to make a gourmet meal without a lot of fuss, Gobble is the way to go.

Price: Gobble is going to run about $80 for a three-meal box for two people. Pricey, but still cheaper than going out to a fancy restaurant for one evening. Click here to give it a try now with two meals for two for just $18!

Meals: These meals are a bit more indulgent- fancy sauces, gourmet butters, goat cheese and more. The don’t skimp on ingredients and seasonings. The steaks are delicious! And every meal has been really good so far. Standard fare on Gobble is the premium level choices on Every Plate.

Time: Most meals can be made in under an hour! They usually take 30-45 min at the most. Gobble sends most of your ingredients ready to cook so you save a lot of prep time.

Reliability: I’ve only had one box so far where the contents were not as fresh as they should be. Overall it’s been great food, delivered on time.

You can’t go wrong trying either of these boxes! Use the links above to save on your first order, and if you don’t like it, you can easily cancel online, even after just your first discounted box.

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