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Marley Spoon Review, Cancelled After Box Two

My latest meal box test run was Martha Stewert’s Marley Spoon. I cancelled it after my second box, so don’t expect to find any affiliate links or coupons in this one. Just figured I’d share my experience even though I’m not keeping the account active. Overall the portions were too small, too overpriced for what you got, and the delivery was just a mess.

Marley spoon crushed delivery box

Let’s Start with the Marley Spoon Box

My first box arrived in deplorable condition. It was ripped, wet and oozing room temperature goo. I had to open it up outside and was dismayed to find all my fresh veggies had been soaking in the goo from the busted ice bags for who knows how long. It made me a little uncomfortable to eat them, so I contacted customer service and sent them photos of the box. The assured me the ice bag contents were 100% non-toxic and to just rinse everything off and it was safe to eat. They also gave me a $10 credit on my next order for the crushed box issue. I wasn’t really impressed with the discount, but at least they were quick to respond.

martha stewart marley spoon

Now onto the Food Details

Are you on a diet? Well then Marley Spoon might be the box for you! With a price around the same as Gobble, I was expecting full meals. Instead, most meals equate to appetizers that I had to add extra veggies and sides to actually make it a decent meal. This is not a “meal kit” but rather more like a starter set.

One meal was just a bit of tilapia in broth. My poor hungry husband looked at it and asked where the rest of dinner was. It was delicious, but it really needed more vegetables or more of a side than the half slice of bread it came with. And the next meal was lettuce cups with chicken and a bit of cucumber relish. I ended up taking the ingredients, adding rice and turning it into a chicken bowl. The only ingredients from Martha in the photo below are the lettuce, chicken and cucumbers

Preparing the Meals

Marth makes a lot of assumptions on your cooking knowledge. The instructions are not very detailed, and half the time the recipe came out wrong. I followed the instructions carefully and ended up with a terribly runny sauce for the meal above and actually had to add a bunch of stuff to thicken it up and give it flavor. And each time after dinner I’d be left with a huge mess of pots and pans because of you did it all step-by-step in one pan, you’ll be left with a cold meal to eat.

Goodbye Martha, Sorry it Didn’t Work Out

So in the end, I cancelled Marley Spoon before I even used all my introductory boxes. Because even with the discount, it was too expensive for what you got. I still recommend Every Plate as the best overall deal for meal box kits.

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