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Build Outside the Box with Squaregles Building Sets

We recently hosted a Squaregles Building Party through Tryazon, and the magnetic building set was a hit with all the kids (and adults)! Squaregles may involve using squares, but they aim to get kids to “Build outside the box” with their creative approach to integrating characters, storylines, cars and customizable paperboards.

Building with Squaregles

Building Your Imagination with Squaregles

Squaregles sets come with different features like squares, triangles, magnetic clips, ramps and more. Each set is designed to work with all the sets so you can do one big build. The pieces are large, with strong magnets so you can play with the structures once they are built.

There is a little learning curve as to how to build things string enough to support play, and we did have a lot of crashing while setting things up, but that’s also part of the fun. Once we got the hang of it, the kids were able to build ramps for the cars and Ogg/Ergg heads, which ended up being their favorite part.

Sets can be used alone, or together. Each set comes little characters called Oggs, and a comic telling you about their adventures. You can also buy the character sets separately to add more people to your Squaregles universe. There is an Oggs Character Pack that includes building buddies Bax and Wren, plus two friends Go and Flare. There’s also a turtle disc, bunny slippers and interchangeable hats. You’ll find the hats are what keeps the Oggs heads on their buddies.

To keep the heads on you have to stick the hat on top and then fit it into a little slot on the back. To be honest, it seemed a little convoluted at first. Like, why not just make the heads magnetic where they’ll stick to the body? Once the kids start playing, the answer became clear- the heads are part of the fun. They use the heads like marbles rolling through a maze. If the heads were magnetic, they’d get stopped by the magnetic structure!

squaregles ogg

There is also an add-on character pack or Erggs, who don’t look quite as happy as the Oggs! But they do come with some pretty cool cars and hats with horns attached.

What You Need to Get Started

The Essentials Starter Set and the Warm Up Set are both great starter packs with everything you need to get building. They both include magnetic frames, 3D panels and characters to get your imagination going. Once you have those, you can add on the creative bonus sets like Drop ‘N Jump Racetracks and Oggs Castle.

Another neat add-on option is the More Paperboard set that comes with 50 blank paper squares so kids can draw anything they want for their structures.

Overall, everyone had a good time playing with the sets. My son liked it so much that he got up early the next morning to play with everything since it was still sitting out from the party. Anything that tears him away from Minecraft for a few moments is a win in my book.

If you’d like to try Squaregles, now is a good time since you can save 20% in their Amazon storefront! (CLick here to check it out)

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