Winter Vacation: What to Pack for Your Toddler

It’s the holidays and the time of year for traveling. If you’re traveling with a toddler and wondering what to pack, our Guest Geek post today has all the details! I still remember our first toddler trip, where I also learned what NOT to pack. Apparently bringing Play-Doh on a plane is a no-no, because it looks like explosives. So don’t pack that but read on to find out what you should be packing!

What to Pack for a Winter Trip with Your Toddler

From girl’s trainers to extra layers and snowsuits, here is everything you should remember when going on a Winter holiday with your toddler. 

When going on a Winter trip with your toddler, the list of things to pack is similar to what you would normally take, but there are a few extras you will want to take with you. If your toddler isn’t accustomed to the snow or cold, you will need a few essentials.

Items that Fold Small

While not a singular item, you should remember to pack items that can be folded small. If you are on the slopes or out in the wilderness, you never know what you will need, so the extra items will need to fit into a backpack or small bag. 

There are tons of different underlayers and coats that are very warm but can be folded into a small cube or square that can fit into most bags. 

Extra Blankets

Extra blankets are an absolute must when it comes to the Winter holidays. Your child is going to get cold, and there are only so many clothes you can put on them. A blanket is also perfect if you are out in the snow, as it keeps the snow from getting on them and making them cold. 

If your child still uses a stroller or if you’re carrying them, a blanket adds an extra layer of protection they will need. 

Extra Layers

Vests and children’s long johns are a must for Winter. They are thin and comfortable to wear but will insulate your child from the inside and stop all of their heat from escaping. They are also the best things to wear if there is a lot of snow, as they will keep the moisture away from their core and keep them warm. 

Warm Socks & Shoes

The right socks and shoes are arguably two of the most important items you will need to pack. Wool socks are the best choice as they retain heat the best and keep moisture away from the feet better than other materials. 

Regarding shoes, the best option would be a boot. They are designed for cold weather, have the best grip, and will stop snow and water from getting in and making your child’s feet cold. 

Beanie, Scarf, Gloves

These three are relatively obvious, but you still need to remember them. While they will keep your toddler warm, they will also stop them from getting cold because of any wind. Children’s hands are prone to getting very cold; therefore, gloves are a must. 


Another that is a must is a jacket or coat. There are some things you need to look for when choosing a coat, such as; it should be lined, have multiple layers, and, most importantly, it needs to be waterproof. 

Warm Onesie

When it comes to sleepwear, look no further than a onesie. Toddlers don’t stay still in bed, and therefore they aren’t always covered with the blankets you give them; a onesie ensures they are still completely covered and warm. 


A snowsuit is an incredibly useful item to have if your child likes to explore and play in the snow. It is purpose-built to protect against snow while keeping you warm and, most importantly, dry. 

Don’t forget that snow can get quite deep, and considering your child is only a couple of feet tall, much more of their body will be in the snow at times; therefore, full-body protection is important. 


If you haven’t been on the slopes before, you may not know that sunglasses are one of the most important things you need to pack. Snow is highly-reflective, and the amount of glare it can produce can be blinding and even damage your eyes. 

It will take time for your toddler to get accustomed to wearing sunglasses or goggles, but they are a must if you are going to be out in fields or on mountains covered in snow when the sun is out. 

Snow Stroller

Toddlers aren’t known for their ability to be active for hours on end; at many points during your holiday, they will get tired, and they will want to stop walking or take a nap; this is where a snow stroller comes in. 

These types of strollers are built to trek through snow and sludge and have covering that will keep the snow, rain, and wind off of your child. 

Toddler Carrier

Finally, a toddler carrier or backpack should be your go-to if you don’t have a snow stroller or you can’t use the stroller where you’re going. They offer all the support you need to keep your child comfortable, but also offer you support so that you don’t hurt or damage your back. 


While this isn’t essential, if you are planning on sledding or something similar and there is nowhere to rent a helmet, it is important that you bring your own. Your toddler is most likely going to fall a lot, and they won’t know the best way to protect themselves if they fall. 

Editor’s Note: These are all good ideas for winter, but if you are looking for regular traveling with toddler tips, also check out our post Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

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