Taking a Social Media Break

I’m pondering taking a break from social media for the rest of the year. Mostly Instagram and my public accounts. I don’t think I could go cold turkey and cut it all out. I have personal accounts that keep me connected to far away family members and I’d like to stay in touch through the holidays. But I think a little less social media for a week or so would be good for me.

social media photo

Every morning I get up and check Instagram. Then I usually do my e-mails, and then on to Facebook. Then I see what I need to post and if I have anything I want to post. It’s work, but doesn’t really feel like work, until I realize I haven’t posted something and have a deadline and then it really feels like work.

Just as I was writing this, I realize today may not be the day I start the break, because I actually have to post something for a company. And I haven’t even taken the photo yet. It also is supposed to have my face in it, which means I need to put on some makeup and do something with my nappy morning hair.

As is my usual habit, I googled, “Taking a social media break,” just to see what advice the Internet had to offer. I read several articles that all included deleting the Instagram app, which I don’t plan to do. I just plan on not feeling pressured to post anything. It was interesting that even the US government website had advice about employees taking a social media break for their mental health.

I also don’t plan on deactivating my accounts, because when you do that, it looks like you unfollowed everyone. And that means once you come back from your break, you have a lot of explaining to do to actual friends who think you’ve suddenly decided to unfollow them. I want a break from posting, not from connecting with people.

So after looking at my to-do list, I think my break will start at the end of the week. I’ll of course have to do the obligatory “I’m taking a break” announcement, which will actually increase my engagement for that day, but also let everyone know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth and am just taking a little break.

I wonder how long I’ll last. Probably until I get the urge to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I may pop on for that. Just trying to be realistic.

Have you tried taking a social media break? How did it go?

P.S., It may or may not include a blogging break, but really that’s not something I put limits on. I don’t feel pressured by the blog because writing here is how I work things through. That’s why the blog was created in the first place, and that’s why I still post these personal blog entries. Because whether I post daily or not at all, the blog is still here waiting for me when I’m ready to say something. And I do have one more sponsored post to do later, so get ready for a riveting article about decorating a small apartment.

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