Earn Money for Reviews with Intellifluence

I’ve been trying out Intellifluence for a few months now and recommend them for extra income if you blog or do content creation for social media. It’s easy to sign up, totally free, and you choose which jobs you apply for. Read on for more details.

If you just want to jump in and sign up, go here:

*My referral link may earn me a big 25 cents, depending on if you fill out your profile

Easy Sign Up, Extra Money

Getting started on Intellifluence is very easy, and you don’t need a huge following for most of the job offers. Once you fill out your profile, you can check out the marketplace for job offers and apply through there.

The Good Part:

There are lots of different offers, though a large portion of them are Amazon reviews for items you purchase. This is where you purchase the item, leave a review, and then get a refund with a bonus. Since I’m blocked from Amazon reviews, this is a downside for me. But there are also some where they just want you to purchase the item with no review required.

There are job offers for every platform from blogging to Insta to YouTube. The payment offered varies greatly. Some are just for product, and some pay small amounts like $5, and others pay $100 and up. It all just depends on the job.

I’ve completed several jobs through them so far, and the payments all went through easily.

The Bad Part:

Sometimes when you apply for jobs, the companies take too long to reply. I usually withdraw my application if they take over a week. I figure if they take that long to reply, then they might be hard to work with.

Once you complete the job, it takes 15 more days to process the payment. It’s a bit annoying to have to wait weeks to get paid, especially if you had to purchase the product upfront and are also waiting on the refund.

Some of the jobs posted appear to be by people/companies who aren’t sure how to use the platform. I steer clear of those.

Also, 25 cents for referrals up to a big $5 is pretty lame, but here I am…lol.

The Conclusion:

Intellifluence isn’t going to be my main source of income, but it’s a good option to have as part of my whole blogging thing. I do recommend signing up with them and checking them out if you are a blogger or small influencer.

Sign up here:

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About the Author

Candy Keane is a digital content creator and long-time cosplayer, most well-known for being on the cover of the Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies. After making costumes professionally for over a decade, she now writes about about geek culture and mom life, and continues to cosplay for fun, while sharing her love of costumes on Instagram @SewGeekMama. Her first children’s book, I’m Going to My First Comic Convention, was published in 2020 and won a Story Monsters Approved award for Excellence in Literature.

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