Midnight Pumpkin Shop Now Open for Cosplay Accessories and Fashion

A few weeks ago I posted about starting a new business in your 40s, which is a project I’m currently embarking on and making some progress. After three months, I’m just now launching the website even though I have a lot more to add! I couldn’t wait any longer and figure I’ll just get started and see where it goes. I’m adding new things daily.

You can find the Instagram for The Midnight Pumpkin Shop at @themidnightpumpkinshop

the midnight pumpkin shop

The shop right now is mostly accessories to start with, and later I’ll be adding more “fashion” type items as I figure out what works.

I feel like I’ve added a lot, but it doesn’t really look like it! I do have lot of plans for including many fun and unique items in the future, but I’m building slowly and adding to it as I collect inventory.

I built the shop on, which I like so far. I had used them years ago with my other online store, but they have a lot more bells and whistles to offer now.

If you are interested in opening an ecommerce store, use my link and we both get $100 subscription credit if you subscribe!
Click here to visit Shopify

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