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Author Spotlight: Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Katie Reed

You’ve seen Katie Reed on the blog before as a Geek of the Week and featured children’s book author for her Wizard and the Lizard series. Now Katie has a new feather in her cap- children’s book illustrator! Her new book, The Fantastical Summer Forest Festival: A Whimsical Bedtime Story, both written and illustrated by Katie herself, is available now on Amazon. I sent Katie a few questions about her experience illustrating her own book.

books by katie reed

1) You had an illustrator for your first 3 books- what made you decide to illustrate it yourself this time?

I’ve always been passionate about drawing and illustrating! In 2021, I finally decided to try digital art. I will admit, I was intimidated by the digital art mediums but once I got  my iPad, I found a Udemy course that taught me how to use Procreate step by step! This helped me understand all the functions and features the program had to offer. Once I got the hang of procreate I started taking character design classes, coloring, and lighting classes which helped me grow as an artist even further! 

2) Do you have previous illustration/drawing experience or training? 

I started taking digital art classes in late 2021, and I am still taking classes to expand my knowledge in illustration! So I have a little over a year and a half of experience taking courses and freelance illustrating. 

3) What medium do you use to create the illustrations? 

I use Procreate on my IPad. It’s an amazing art program!  

4) Do you use any computer programs for editing?

No, I use Procreate for all my editing. 

5) What advice would you give to others thinking about illustrating their own book?

I would definitely recommend taking courses, and learning all the amazing features procreate has to offer. I would also recommend learning basics of anatomy for characters, and finding inspiration on Pinterest or Google to inspire the mood for the book. 

6) Are you available to illustrate books for other authors?

YES! I am available for work! I would love to help independent authors self publish their children’s book! Here is my Fiverr link! I am happy to do a free sample, and negotiate pricing! 

Click here to check out Katie Reed on Fiverr

And be sure to check out her Wizard and Lizard series, now available all together in one hardback collection, and her new book The Fantastical Summer Forest Festival: A Whimsical Bedtime Story.

The Fantastical Summer Forest Festival is a whimsical bedtime story with gnomes and woodland creatures enjoying the biggest event of the summer season! Follow the story as the forest comes alive at night and all its fantastical creatures come out to celebrate. Told in a rhyming verse and filled with Katie’s own colorful illustrations, The Fantastical Summer Forest Festival is sure to be a bedtime story that will capture your child’s imagination.

The Fantastical Summer Forest Festival

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