Boys Can Wear Pink Too

My son loves PAW Patrol, and his favorite pup is Skye. Skye just happens to be a girl and he thinks she's very pretty and flies a cool helicopter. So when it comes to choosing a PAW Patrol shirt, of course he goes right for the ones with Skye on them. The only problem? Every … Continue reading Boys Can Wear Pink Too

My Top 10 Toddler Realities

*** Updated Intro - Funny thing about this post. I ran across it in my drafts and realized I'd never published it. This post is from the viewpoint of having a freshly minted two-year-old. I now have an almost three-year-old and it's a world of difference. A lot of these toddler dreams are slowly coming … Continue reading My Top 10 Toddler Realities

Boys Love Dirt

Yesterday I sat watching my son gleefully crash his toy cars into piles of dirt. I got a big wide smile on my face seeing how happy he was digging, building little mountains and destroying them. He squealed in delight, “Mommy watch!” Then, as I looked up at him, he threw a giant handful of … Continue reading Boys Love Dirt

The Painted Toes

"We need to clean that stuff off his toes after the bath, it's embarrassing." When I heard my husband yell this from the bathroom, at first I was confused, because I had just clipped K's toenails the day before and was pretty sure they were clean. Then I glanced down at my toes and realized … Continue reading The Painted Toes

Living by a new set of rules

Nothing makes sense anymore. In my old, pre-baby life, if someone asked me for waffles, I'd make them waffles and we'd be good. Now if the child asks for waffles, I end up with screams of despair and cold waffles and I'm still not really sure where I went wrong. I've given up trying to … Continue reading Living by a new set of rules