When Potty Training Regresses

We were doing so good. SO good. All the poops went in the potty for the past few weeks and I was beginning to think we would soon be moving away from pull-ups even at night. Then he spoke the dreaded words: "Mommy, I want to poop in a pull-up." The answer was, of course, … Continue reading When Potty Training Regresses

Potty Training – Sh*t Just Got Real, Literally

My life for the past few months has been a constant refrain of "Where does poop and pee go? In the potty. Poop and pee go in the potty. Are you sure you don't want to potty? Why wouldn't you want to put poop in the potty? I promise you can look at it all … Continue reading Potty Training – Sh*t Just Got Real, Literally

Go Away I’m Pooping

So this is where we are in potty training. He sticks his little hand out and yells "Go away Mommy! I'm pooping!" The kid likes his privacy while dumps in his pants. I feel like I've given him some very persuasive reasons to go sit on the potty. Everything from "It makes your butt happy!" … Continue reading Go Away I’m Pooping

Just a Little Patience, Yeahhhh…My Potty Training Song

It's hard to pee with so many around. You know I don't like going poop in a crowd ... (GnR will never be the same now lol) I think I get a gold star patience award for having a 20 min discussion about why it isn't cool to poop your pants and then hang out … Continue reading Just a Little Patience, Yeahhhh…My Potty Training Song

Potty Training in Progress

When I look at the those potty training books that promise Potty Training in 3 Days, or read articles with similar hard core "get it done in a few days" methods, they always make me think of that part in the movie Trainspotting where the main guy decides to get clean. "Stage one, preparation: For … Continue reading Potty Training in Progress