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Potty Training – Sh*t Just Got Real, Literally

poop-emojiMy life for the past few months has been a constant refrain of “Where does poop and pee go? In the potty. Poop and pee go in the potty. Are you sure you don’t want to potty? Why wouldn’t you want to put poop in the potty? I promise you can look at it all you want, just put some &%$# poop in the potty!!!”

Potty training has been tough! And then a few days ago, he FINALLY sat his butt down and pooped in his little potty. I was so damn excited I snapped a photo and texted it to my husband so he could share in the joy of the moment. I stopped short of posting it on Facebook, although I came pretty close to recording it as a “life event.”

So in all the months of begging and pleading for this milestone to occur, I hadn’t once stopped to think about what I was supposed to do with it once he actually succeeded. Suddenly I had a diaperless toddler with a dirty butt and a giant turd to deal with. I cleaned up the kid first and decided I’d deal with the turd later. He was begging to see his handiwork, so he got to supervise while I dumped it in the toilet. He looked so happy, so proud, pointing and saying “I did it! I did it!” I tried my hardest to keep smiling while gagging from the stench. It was rough, but I didn’t barf so that’s a win for me too. I let him flush the toilet and then his big reward was ice cream and going pantsless for the next two hours. And my big reward was cleaning the poopy potty bowl. And gagging some more.

I’m hoping this is a turning point in our potty training endeavors. It’s a big milestone at least! And a learning experience for me – I’m now encouraging him to sit on the real toilet with a potty seat. I’ve got enough crap to deal with already!

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  1. Oh my heavens, I feel your pain, Mama. My spice once figured out that I’d been changing diapers for seventeen solid years (we have seven children and that’s a LOT of nappies!) — but only if you didn’t count the years I worked with infant childcare! I’ve been diaper changer-free for five years now. . .just waiting for the grandkids to come along. Sigh. BUT, I can promise you that, even if but for a small while, it DOES end. Hugs and love to you! xox


  2. I can’t with those little potty chairs. I put my kids straight on the big toilet with one of those seat inserts. I just can’t dump those potty chairs. I can’t….. Can’t. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


  3. I’m trying to get my son to sit on his potty as well, I got all the toys and books around him just to make him sit long enough to maybe pee ? he gets fed up after few minutes then he says “mama i don’t want this, i want my diaper”


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