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When Potty Training Regresses

We were doing so good. SO good. All the poops went in the potty for the past few weeks and I was beginning to think we would soon be moving away from pull-ups even at night.

Then he spoke the dreaded words: “Mommy, I want to poop in a pull-up.”

The answer was, of course, “NO.”

Then everything just pretty much literally went to shit. The 45 minute massive meltdown, crying and constant refrain of “poop in a pull-up” finally edged away at my resolve and in one of my less proud mama moments, I threw a pull-up at him and told him to go crap his pants if that’s what he really wanted.

So he did.

He’s a leisurely pants pooper, so I used that time to take a shower and mull over where things went wrong. We had some back and forth with the peeing in the potty before it stuck and I thought we had made it through that point already with the pooping. I was wrong.

So today I changed the first poopy diaper in a month. I sure do not miss it! I’m really hoping this was a one-time thing and he realizes how yucky it is and maybe he just wanted to get one more out for old time’s sake…who knows.

At least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are getting there, bit by bit! I’m just hoping the next turd goes in the toilet. Wish me luck 🙂



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  1. I feel this in my soul right now! My toddler is doing this with peeing. I can’t even imagine once we actually get him to poop in the potty! Stay strong! I’m sending good vibes. 😊


    • Thank you! Good vibes needed! 😁 He hadn’t peed his pants in a while thank goodness. I was so tired of daily washing the pee pile of clothes…and pee on the floor! Ugh. Potty training is rough.


      • Potty training is so hard. I always see Pinterest posts about how moms do it in a weekend. Ha! Tried all the suggestions. It’s an experience, that’s for sure. Wishing you guys well on your potty journey!


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