An Adventure at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville

IMG_4084Our toddler adventure for today was at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville, FL. I went in expecting it to be on the science-y side, but it ended up being more like a museum of real life.  There was a grocery store, bank, veterinarian, cafe, theater, etc. I’m not really sure where the “museum” part comes in… maybe because it has been there for 17 years? Lol

Everything was a little old and beat up, and it was hot and some stuff was stinky, but you know who doesn’t care about any of that? A two-year-old. So I just took a step back and let him go crazy and play with everything. We’ve got to kick that immune system into high gear for our impending date with preschool anyway!

The can go shopping with little carts in a pretend grocery store and then go through the checkout lane. This was one of my son’s favorite activities! There’s a theater where they can put on plays, a diner where they can pretend to cook up food, a basketball area, fire station with a pole to slide down, ball pit, slides, toy trains, a pretend radio and TV set, bank full of play money and lots of areas for them to pretend and spark their imagination.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you live in Jacksonville, or are visiting and need to entertain the kids one day. We were there a couple hours and K didn’t want to leave! I think it’s odd that parents have to pay $5.50 to sit and watch their kid, so essentially that made it a $9.50 visit. But overall worth the trip since I had a tired baby afterwards!

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  1. How funny! I’m visiting family in Middleburg and I had two toddlers to myself yesterday. We went to Bay & Bee but we ALMOST went to the children’s museum. I love that place. I took my now 17yo and 20yo there when they were little. They always lived the pretend grocery store. I see your little liked it too!!
    Maybe tomorrow. 🙃 I hate driving for hours in this rain.

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