The Secret’s Out – Moms are Tired

Mom tired is a different kind of tired. We exist in a state of high functioning exhaustion. I am just now getting used to being able to have a good night’s sleep again and wake up at a decent time. Sleep is a wonderful thing and I have never appreciated it so much in my life.

But sometimes you don’t get good sleep and you still have to chase a toddler all over the place while putting on your happy face and be Excited about Everything! And that’s when we need some help.

img_4271Marketing people are catching on and targeting tired moms. I recently got these free samples of the new V8 Energy drink through BzzAgent.com. I really liked them! They are light and refreshing and it’s not a jolt of energy but it does seem to have a little kick to it. So I went and did my promo duty by posting a photo on my Instagram. Then I figured I’d click the hashtags and see what other people were posting. It was all mom’s posting about refueling to keep up with the kids!

So they are on to us…and at least looking to help. I can’t stop thinking of mixing it with vodka though, lol.

So what do you guys do or what have you tried to get through that afternoon (sometimes all day) slump?

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  1. Hey, why aren’t they on to me? I need those free samples!! We are indeed tired, and yeah, mom tired is a beast all its own. I haven’t slept through the night in 5 years! FYI, I’m nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award!

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    • You gotta sign up at bzzagent.com for the free stuff! I get all kinds of fun stuff through their website. I’ve found that ever since I updated my profile to add the kiddo, I’ve been targeted for lots of mom stuff, which I’m totally cool with, lol. They just want you to post on social media and fill out a survey about the stuff you get. The more you participate, the more you get! And thanks 🙂

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