Bay and Bee Play Space

Back in April Bay and Bee offered a “buy two months get one free special,” so I thought it would be a great chance to check it out and really let us get to know it before committing to a regular monthly membership. It’s a Montessori inspired, eco-friendly indoor play space for children under five, located in Jacksonville, FL.

img_4376They have a great play space with tons of toys, a wooden train set that you can use to build different tracks, a play kitchen area, lots of blocks and creative toys, and a little jungle gym in the middle.

I was really looking forward to trying all the classes they offer from Sway and Play Yoga to sign language. Unfortunately my son lasted about 30 seconds in yoga and ran out of the room, and I couldn’t get him to sit still and pay attention to any of the demonstrations. He participated a tiny bit in the art class. But as usual it was not the amazing mom and son activity time I had imagined. He mostly just wanted to run off and play with the dump truck.

While my son never really did get into the classes, we ended up spending a lot of time here after I joined the gym next door. It’s a great spot to go when it is too hoot, too cold, or rainy outside. Check their website for the latest news and updates on pricing and membership: Bay & Bee (

2021 UPDATE: This location (and the gym I mentioned) that we visited has since closed, but they still have one located at:

3995 Hunt Club Road
Jacksonville, FL 32224

(904) 874-8192

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  1. I LOVE this place! My parents live just outside of Jacksonville, and I have taken Babystar and her cousins here more than once even though it takes an hour to get there. THAT is how cool this place is!

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