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Unfinished business and the secret stash

I’m wondering if all crafters have a stash of “unfinished business.” I feel this has to be a common thing. And maybe I’m just looking for some camaraderie in my crafty procrastination, or something to make me feel better about the expensive pile of crap I’ve hoarded over the years, but I know I can’t be the only one with the secret craft stash built on intentions of doing amazing things but only collecting an amazing amount of dust.

craft room

A glance at one small section of my craft room.

I’ve got a pile of green ribbon and fabric ready for the Enchantress, some really nice blue, red and gold leather just waiting to become an awesome Wonder Woman warrior, a box of orange latex that was going to become LeeLoo suspenders, and don’t get me started on the patterns that have never even been opened!

I’m currently being forced to confront my craft supply hoarder tendencies while we organize and clean out the attic and garage. The huge cleaning spree has me facing the reality where our lofty crafting ambitions collide with real life and actual time to make things, and the result is a drawer of random things you refuse to throw out because you know as soon as you do, you are going to need it. Because I really need 1,376 googly eyes, right? (I use them to make one small part on Slave Leia costumes, which I haven’t made in over a year)

So please, tell me what you are hoarding and have yet to make. Even better, tell me how long you’ve been saving it. Because I’m pretty sure I’ve had those damn googly eyes for the last 10 years.

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  1. I just went through this with yarn and knitting. The worst was the half-finished projects that I know I will never finish. Some of this stuff has been sitting for 10 years. I bought a bunch of linen yarn to make a runner for the foot of my mom’s bed. It was well over $100 of really nice stuff. I knitted about 6” of it and never touched it again. I just offered to send it to someone in a craft group just so I could stop seeing it and feeling guilty about it.

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    • oh the crafters guilt…I know this well! lol. The dyed leather I got to make Wonder Woman was nearly $100 and has been sitting in a drawer for about 5 years. Every time I open that drawer I get all anxious that I never used it, make plans to do something with it, then close the drawer and never look at it for another year.

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  2. I have quite bit of fabric for several quilts I havent made and lots and lots of scrapbooks paper for my 12 year olds albums. Yeahhhh probably won’t get done because I have things that have to be done sooner.

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  3. I’m starting to think we are twins separated at birth. We moved Maeve into her new big girl room, turned her nursery into the guest bedroom, and made the guest room my photography studio. I used to craft yarn and felt flower covered wreaths for a shop on etsy. I haven’t made anything since maeve was born and now my bins and piles of craft supplies just keep getting moved around and I can ony keep telling myself I’ll use it again once she’s old enough to get crafty.

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  4. Ohhhhhh yes I have an entire closet full of boxes of unfinished projects myself- from broken plates that I am going to create mosaics with to boxes of old jewelry that I’m gonna make something cool with to ticket stubs that I’m going to organize in a travel scrapbook- I periodically reorganize the plastic boxes with hopes that changing the organizational structure will somehow make the stacks appear smaller.

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  5. I have a little bit of everything and a bunch of nothingness. I keep thing with the intention of creating wonderful projects to only use as dust collectors. It’s easy to keep things and say “I can use that!” but so hard to find the time to actually do it and then to let it go. ***I feel ya! – But I will say, your stash is way more tidy than mine.

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