Being a parent made me a big liar

JulMol_memeI feel like I’m an honest person. Or, at least, I was until I had a child. Now we can’t play with the skateboard “because it’s resting,” the playground was closed today for some strange reason and we are Seriously all out of cookies.

This is just the tip of my iceberg of my lies from today.

I’m starting to wonder, what will I do when he begins to question me? Will I break? Will I become an evil mastermind of toddler manipulation? I’m optimistically leaning toward evil mastermind.

I’m only looking out for his best interests. He was getting crazy with the skateboard, it was freezing cold out today and the kid does NOT need any more sweets. It’s a bit of a crutch to get creative with the truth instead of face a full-on meltdown toddler tantrum of massive proportions, but sometimes it’s all you can do to get through the day.

I know I’ll have to face the truth some day. But today, I got away with it… bwahahahahaha (that’s my diabolical evil laugh)

So, fellow Moms (and dads) what little lies have you told your children today? Come on, fess up.


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9 thoughts on “Being a parent made me a big liar

  1. The indoor play area at mcdonalds has been “under construction” for a LONG TIME now 🙂 I actually thought about trying to lie less as a new years resolution…… but decided to wait on that!! so far today, I told them that the coffee shop was closed. I just then opted to drive a different route so they couldn’t fact check me 🙂

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