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Mommy Spank Me

I didn’t grow up with spankings, but I did grow up with the threat of them. So in a desperate move to get my son to stop squirming and let me put a diaper on him, I yelled, “Stay still! You don’t want a spanking do you?”

To which my son excitedly yelled, “Yeah!!!”

Well crap.

I suppose I should have explained what a spanking was before I tried to offer one.

So then I tried to convince him, oh no, you don’t want a spanking. Spankings hurt!

So then he starts chanting “Mommy spank me! Mommy spank me!”

I’ve clearly lost control of the situation.

baby in diaper
Taunting from a 2-year-old

I find myself going, “No! I don’t want to spank you! I’m not gonna do it!”

Then I start wondering how my two-year-old just reverse psychologied me.

So how does this end you might wonder? With a half-hearted pop on the leg to show I mean business and some fake crying that ends in giggles and demands for more “spanking.”

Dear Lord, please don’t let him start requesting this at pre-school. 😆

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  1. Somehow my almost-two-year old got the idea to tickle my booty, so “tickle booty” is a common thing in our household. Which didn’t seem weird until he tried to “tickle booty” a stranger at the park! Here’s hoping “Spank Me” doesn’t travel, too!

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