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Happy Sunday! How was your week?

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was kind of crazy with prepping for the Comic Con at the library and dressing up for three different events. I did the beaches parade, an appearance on the Ch. 4 Morning Show and Beaches Library Comic Con. I’m worn out and ready to just wear a tank top and shorts for a while, lol.

I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day next week! I really enjoyed working on a Babbleboxx campaign where I got to try all kinds of different great gifts and blog about it. I feel like I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all week already! I’ve been doing a lot of sampling and reviewing lately and trying to have fun with it. I get really bored with blogs that are just one product after another, so the product has to be something I can tell a story about or create a story around. I also try and think about ways to make the photos a little more interesting than a standard stock photo. The hubs has been pretty good at coming up with photo ideas. This is my favorite shot for Edible Arrangements because it’s kind of silly, but totally true because I do really love getting those things! I’ll take a chocolate covered strawberry over a flower bouquet any day.

Edible Arrangements

OMG! I get to eat this!

Right now I’m literally sitting around waiting for paint to dry so I figured I’d do a quick Sunday blog post before I head back out into the yard to finish sanding and painting the lamp posts. I have one more to finish and I’ll have finally completed a project I started a few weeks ago! Next I’m planting some cucumbers on a trellis in the backyard and working on the mailbox area. Lots of house projects in the works!

And speaking of that, pretty sure it’s time for the 2nd coat on those lamp posts so back to work for me. How was your week?

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