My Week in Review – Little Donuts, Blue Ice, Clams, 16 Years and a Pile of Dirt

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good week. Since I didn’t want to stick to doing a weekly round-up on a specific day or a specific number, I just decided to keep doing what works best for me- a random mishmash posting when I feel like it! No rules! lol 

My Week in Review 5/28 – 6/3

img_3574Rediscovering childhood favorites- We went to Art in Park this weekend, where unfortunately it was boiling hot with about 110% humidity (yay, Florida summer!) so it was a very sweaty event. Keelan spotted someone with a blue colored treat and immediately started asking for blue ice cream. I quickly figured out it was flavored ice and thought that sounded like an amazing idea.  I used to always go for the blue raspberry flavor when I was little and we’d hang out at the ball park. It was a total childhood flashback as soon as I got my first taste! I hadn’t gotten a flavored ice in over 20 years. I love the ways kids bring a little bit of your childhood back into your life.

National Donut Day was Friday, June 1st and it just happened to coincide with my first visit to The Mini Bar, a new local gourmet mini donut shop that also sells beer and wine! It also just happens to be in the same plaza as an indoor trampoline park so we had an impromptu wine and donut break before going back into the madness of the kid zone. I think we found a new tradition!

Clam shells were everywhere on the beach the past few days. Open and empty, just washing up with the tide, hundreds of them all along the shoreline. I scooped up a bunch for our shell collection. I tried researching to see if this was some kind of annual phenomenon or weird clam season but had no luck. All I managed to find out was the name of the shell is Dosinia.

It was our 16th wedding anniversary this week. Hard to believe it’s been that long! I couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend my life with. We’ve gone through a lot together and are lucky to have grown closer as we’ve changed, adapted and grown up a lot since our college days. I love our life together and all our adventures. Here’s to many more 😘

Our next big house project got underway when a big pile of dirt was delivered this week. Keelan was ecstatic about this development. I’m sure he’d rather we leave him the dirt pile, but when the pavers come in we will be turning this into a patio and fire pit.

That’s it for last week. This upcoming week is pretty open so who knows what adventure awaits! The only big thing on the calendar at the moment is next Saturday when I participate in Dream Day. I’ll be dressed as Antiope from the Wonder Woman movie. It’s a huge event for children with life-threatening medical conditions, put on with PRI Productions and the Make-a-Wish foundation. They transform their building into a fairytale wonderland for the day and I get to go help the fairytale come to life!

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