The Number One Thing I Did to Increase My Blog Traffic

A lot of people ask me about starting a blog and how I got readers. I found one thing that made a HUGE difference in my blog traffic. If you look at my blog stats from where I started with my first post to now, you can see exactly when I implemented this strategy, and how I went from about 200 views a month to 20,000.


So here’s the big secret: I owned it. I basically “came out” as a blogger. Meaning I put it everywhere and I told everyone about it, and I told people it’s what I do instead of just acting like it was a little hobby or not important. I made it important.

I had my first blog for probably 10 years, and I thought I had a good readership. Overall I got maybe 2000 views a month. I wrote about my costume shop, cosplay events and conventions. I never had very many comments or likes, and I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I had no idea how big a blog could be once you really focus on it.

So how do you make it important?

First, make sure your blog is on all your social profiles. I started getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when I started sharing my posts there. Then I created a LinkedIn account, put on there that I was a blogger and linked my blog. I felt pretty official after that!

I also got a little more focused and accepted the mom blog thing. At first, I wanted a mostly geek-centered blog with crafting, plus movie and book reviews. But what I really enjoyed writing most was my personal stories and doing product reviews. So instead of a geeky blog run by a mom, it became a mom blog with a dash of geek. Once I had a focus, I felt more confident telling people I was a blogger because I felt more secure about answering the usual questions that follow, like, “What’s your blog about?”

It’s been six months since I made the change and became a blogger, not just someone with a blog. While the change was sudden, it takes some dedication to keep the momentum. I notice my stats slipping when I get quiet and stop sharing or commenting on other blogs. It does take at least a small amount of engagement to bring in new readers and stay connected with current ones.

So that’s the big secret. If you want to BE a blogger, you have to let everyone else know you ARE a blogger. Even if it’s just in your own mind to start!


So what’s your number one strategy for increasing blog traffic?

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    • Good luck with the new blog! You can definitely tell the difference in stats when you really try and promote vs. just writing and publishing. I know when I slack off a bit and don’t post, or a I get a little quiet on social media, my stats go down. But the great thing about blogging is you can always ramp them back up again with a little effort.


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  2. Good advice! I am a new blogger and just took the first step and made my first post today actually. I am trying to learn more about the whole blogging process so I am glad I came across your post. Thank you for the helpful information!


  3. Some of my stuff is researched but most is just random stuff that pops into my head late at night- some are things I was going to submit to various websites but decided to post on mine instead and some are plugs for my shops (one of which is NewAgeDreamChick since I do dream interpretation in that shop)
    I’m in the awkward phase of trying to not come across as salespitchy but also trying to drive traffic to my Etsy shops. It’s a hard balance for me. When I’m talking to people, I tend to refer to myself either as a freelance writer or a writer and an aspiring fantasy author who has my own website. When asked what I write about, I say it’s mostly about parenting with some other stuff thrown in depending on what I feel like writing. I do my best not to make it a personal blog- some of us have typical boring lives- drs appointments, school drop offs, 2-3 articles to write before going to work, things that need to be made for Etsy, etc- no traveling (although for some odd reason, Facebook ads have me listed as a frequent traveler) or any majorly interesting events since we’re so freaking busy with everything else. lol
    I’m trying to switch my mindset and look at writing as a business (same with my 2 Etsy shops) but it’s not as easy to do as I thought. I am guilty of playing off that I have a site- it almost feels like anyone I spoke with would just laugh if I mentioned it. (kind of like the thought of someone sitting in a coffee shop with a lap top and telling everyone they’re writing a book- kind of the stereotypical image when I think “I’m writing a book-” if that makes sense.)


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