TPC, Yeah You Know Me – A Day at the PLAYERS Championship

We went to THE PLAYERS Championship (TPC) on Friday and I couldn’t resist a little Naughty by Nature reference! At least the ’90s kids will get it…

It’s been years since I’ve gone and this year we got special passes from a friend who works for one of the sponsors. VIP baby! Woohoo! The pic below is our lovely view of the 17th hole, one of the most famous par 3s in the world.

TPC-Sawgrass (1).JPEG

The famous 17th Hole

One thing I had forgotten about TPC was the traffic. There was A LOT of traffic. What would normally be a 20 min. drive took over an hour and we crept along, watching people walk past us faster than we were driving. I was very glad we decided to get a babysitter because being stuck in traffic with a 3-year-old probably would have ruined the day before we even got there. Instead we got the most chatty Uber driver in the world, but overall not a bad trade-off.

TPC-Sawgrass (1)

After learning our driver’s life story, we finally arrived and picked up our badges. Then there was a lot of walking and a lot of sun. There’s not a lot of shade on the golf course, and the area is quite large, so it’s best to wear sunscreen and comfy shoes. It takes a little while to get anywhere because everyone has to stop moving and be quiet when the golfers are about to do their thing.

I’m not a big golf fan, but it’s still fun to go and see the event. I wanted to see Tiger Woods and then was mostly interested in the food and drinks in the hospitality suite. I managed to check both those things off my list.

It’s definitely a neat event to check out at least once, even if you aren’t into golf. I didn’t see a lot of younger kids at the event and it would be a pain to try and navigate a baby stroller through the crowded areas and up and down grassy hills, so I only recommend bringing kids if they are old enough to walk around all day on their own. It’s also usually hot, and the sun can be relentless. I recall last time I went trying to stand in a sliver of palm tree shade just for some relief, so I very much enjoyed the VIP experience with the shaded viewing areas with seats! Of course now I’m totally spoiled and only want to do TPC in style now. Looking forward to next year!

TPC-Sawgrass (2).jpg

Who’s down with TPC?

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