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Celebrating MY Independence – A Daycare Story

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled funny little stories to confess I totally broke down and cried several times last week and I’ve just had it. This stay-at-home-mom is waving the white flag. I had tears streaming down my face and ear-piercing screams in the background as I typed “childcare” into the search engine over the weekend.

I have a husband who travels way too often and no family nearby, and I just can’t take the strictly SAHM gig anymore. I need more. I enjoy working and having my own income. Being completely dependent on my husband is just eating away at my soul. I feel better and am a happier person when I am productive, so I am doing something about it. I found a “drop-in” kind of place that doesn’t require a schedule and is actually affordable. My son is there right now as I’m typing this, giving it a try for the first time. If all goes well, I’ll officially be a new WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

I’ve finally gotten to where I need to admit my blog is now a business. I’ve started to make an income off of it, and I absolutely love writing again. It’s taken me a long time to get back into it after college squelched my desire to write. My mom experience is what inspired me to write again, and my time with my son is a never-ending source of material. However, I crave time to myself. I don’t think being able to hear my own self think should be a rare privilege, but that’s how it’s been for THREE years. I kept telling myself it would change, and it certainly did, just not in some magical way that gives me my time back. So I’m taking it back.

So right now I’m going to take a break, go shower without jumping out to make sure Paw Patrol is still on, schedule my blogs for the rest of the week, clear out my e-mail inbox, maybe pick some toys up off the floor and not have them end up back there in five seconds and just take a moment to be ME.

Happy Independence Day everyone! It’s a good day to celebrate 🙂


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  1. It’ll be good for both of you to get some away time – you need a break – I couldn’t do it without help
    After 24 hours alone with Tinley I’m ready to scream lol


    • lol! Yes, I definitely think it will be good for both of us. His first day went great. Huge relief. 🙂 I love that’s it’s just on an as-needed basis. I feel like I have a little safety net now.


  2. With my 2 year old and 7 year old, work feels like a break- I get a full hour to sit, eat and not have to give my food up.
    I do admit, I miss staying home. I didn’t stay home at all in my 2 year old’s life, I went back to work right before I got pregnant with her and now my husband works full/full time and they go to grandma and grandpa’s house, it’s rough on all of us- they don’t see us that much. After staying home for four years and now working for about 3, I finally feel I may be getting some of my social skills back- slowly but I think I’m learning how to talk to adults again.
    Good luck and enjoy your time


    • Finding the balance of work/home life/mom life is SO tough! At first I was all work, then all mom…and now I’m working on figuring out just the right amount of both 🙂


      • If you figure it out, let me know. I’m 2 1/2 years in with my second and 7 with my first.
        When I stayed home, I would work out daily, I was always in the kitchen and trying the crafts I pinned on Pinterest.
        I felt like a deadbeat but I spent tons of time with my baby (after she was off oxygen and I wasn’t so paranoid)
        I woke up smiling every day and loved staying home but I stayed home for medical reasons, not because our income demanded it.
        Now I work part time in retail (between 32 and 40 hours a week) and am trying to juggle getting a home business off the ground along with spending as much time with them and working. I’m also trying to be active with her school and I managed to attend one PTO meeting last year (my goal is to actually make the meetings this year and I’m wanting to sign her up for girl scouts)


        • Your version of the stay-at-home-life sounds way better than mine, lol. I’d love to wake up smiling every day. That’s what I’m trying to work toward. I’m about 3 smiling days out of 7 right now.


          • For a long time I was one of those “rainbow and sunshine” mommies. I loved it and got way too wrapped up and lost myself. Lmao
            I’m also a coffeetime person- right now I’m drinking decaf and unwinding and tomorrow morning, itll be full caffeinated.
            I’m both a morning and late night person.
            You’re about to start living my dream (working out of your home)
            I’d love to be able to make a full time income working out of my house (but I would need to put full time hours into it.. and full time hours on top of my day job and kids and I’d be a little ball of stress- constant)


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