Geeking Out on Tea – Adagio Teas Have All the Awesome Fandoms

I’m a fan of tea. I was born in Alabama and was basically raised on sweet tea. When I was little, if I had a choice between milk, juice or tea, I’d go tea every time. I got into hot teas and different varieties when I got older. I also have a pretty impressive collection of Japanese tea sets.

So, if I wasn’t clear, I really like tea.


Which brings us to and their amazing collection of teas of all kinds. And it’s not just the tea, but the fandom connection that got me so excited I actually ordered twice the amount of the gift certificate they sent me so I could to review the tea and do an article. So this isn’t even a totally sponsored review – I actually bought this stuff too! I just love the little tins they tea comes in. I know I’ll be using them for other things once the tea is gone.

I just worked my way through the Harry Potter Magic Potions collection, and still have Game of Thrones and the Hero Recovery pack to do. I also picked up a little Flutter Shy and a random bag of Black Dragon Pearls because how cool does that sound?

This tea is no joke. It’s a loose tea and very vibrant in color and very fragrant. The overall tone of the Harry Potter sampler seems to be dark and smokey. Most of the tea reminded me of the scent of pipe tobacco. I discovered making tea with a toddler around is a little difficult because I’d get everything set up, start brewing the tea, then get distracted and come back 30 minutes later to a very strong and bitter tea. So pay attention to your brewing time! I’m still tinkering with how to make a nice cup so my first impressions may not be the most accurate. I tried everything plain at first, then with a little sugar. I prefer teas I can drink without adding anything extra, so my favorite was the Beerbutter because it tasted great as-is. I thought Pumpkin Potion would be high on my list, but I couldn’t really detect enough of a pumpkin flavor. I liked the light scent and flavor of the Draught of Peace, and wasn’t really a fan of the Felix Felicis or Polyjuice. I’m going to give everything another try though and experiment with proper brewing times and adding in sugar or honey.

I tried making it three different ways – a french press, a tea ball and tea bags. I like the tea bag way the best because it’s really easy and there’s no mess. You just fill up a little baggie, sit it in your cup, then toss it when you are done. I got mine at the grocery store, but the ones on Amazon are way better in price: bags for loose tea¬† There’s also a large selection of teaware on the Adagio website if you are looking for something unique or prettier than a tea bag.


I’m still on my tea testing journey and looking forward to starting the Game of Thrones tea blends next! If you have a friend who likes tea, a unique blend from their favorite fandom would make a really great gift. They have a HUGE selection, plus seasonal teas, tea of the month, and every kind of tea imaginable it seems. Because I currently have such a plethora of teas, I shared my Magic Potions collection with a friend. You can read her tea experience here: Adagio Puts the Geek in Tea

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