Ugh… I Turned Blogging Into a Job

That’s my frame of mind at the moment. I swing wildly from “OMG, I turned blogging into a job!” to “Ugh…this thing that was fun is now WORK,” depending on the task at hand.

My most current task was accumulating screenshots of promoted post receipts and reporting all the metrics after the campaign was done. So imagine taking one of your posts, having it scrutinized, then approved and then the same done with all accompanying social posts. Then have them boosted and then report everything that resulted from those boosts.

Me: waaaaaa…why can’t I just write what I want and get paid?Β 

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. (at least not yet!) I can tell you nobody is paying me for this whiny post, lol.

I found the whole assignment exciting and then stressful. It was a for a big company and paid pretty darn well. But then the approval for my post came the day I left for a 10-day cruise. So I spent the first five days scrambling every day trying to get it all done in short bursts with the blog post, and accompanying Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Insta Stories posts along with the required boost, tags, disclosures, hashtags, etc. I blew through $100 worth of high-priced cruise ship Internet because it was all done at a snail’s pace. And I was fighting sea-sickness the first few days so trying to do it on the computer was making me just MISERABLE. So that’s why I had to try and do it in short 15 min bursts. Anything longer and I’d get really sick!

So I finally managed to get it all done, after they took pity on me and let some of the reporting slide until I returned home. I had everything posted on time and done right, because I’m obsessive about following directions when I have an assignment. But I felt like it was looming over me the first week I was gone.

So now I’m home, assignment done, just sent the final stuff and can officially check it off my list! phew! All done! Now I can get back to just having a bit of fun and writing what I want for a bit until I get bug to make it “work” again.

Of course, with Christmas on the way, I’m sure I’ll be back to those sponsored posts very soon!

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9 thoughts on “Ugh… I Turned Blogging Into a Job

  1. I’d love to turn writing into a full time thing. I write regularly for one site already, was just published on one, got accepted with another and applied to 3 others.

    I dont even know how you monetize a blog without advertising, but I have 2 other side gigs I work on and several ideas for ebooks and books I’m planning on self publishing when they’re ready. That sounds like a lot of stress having to get all those approvals and such but sponsored doesnt sound too bad.

    1. Sponsored product reviews are my main source of blog income, followed by sponsored posts. I find blogs covered in advertising annoying so I don’t do it. And I’ve tried the affiliate stuff but it’s just not my thing. I’m not good at pushing sales. I just like to write and be done with it πŸ™‚

    1. This last one was a challenge for me, on the blogging as a business level. I try to keep a good balance so I don’t get burned out. After meeting a big deadline I have to bang out a few personal posts to make myself happy πŸ™‚

      1. Probably a year and a half into the blog being up. I wasn’t too picky and just jumped at every opportunity. Blog about shoe cleaner? Sure, now let’s see how I can make it interesting…lol. I did paid posts for very little $ and it was great practice. I worked my way up to the better paying stuff bit by bit.

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