What Kind of Blog Do You Have?

One things I had the most trouble with when I started blogging was answering the question “What is your blog about?”

My usual answer – a mumbled “mom stuff” or “a little of everything” never sounded quite right. Then a little self-doubt would sink in and I’d start to wonder “what the heck IS my blog about?? What kind of blog am I writing?”

And then when filling out forms, there is the box to check for what kind of blog you have- Personal? Parenting? Business? Travel? Food? What if you have all that stuff? That’s when I learned about the term “Lifestyle Blog.”

I didn’t apply this term right away because I thought calling my blog a “lifestyle” was pretty laughable. I thought lifestyle blogs were supposed to be fancy and show people how to live a Martha Stewart-esque perfectly put-together life. I didn’t see myself as someone other people might want to emulate in their lifestyle. Unless articles like “How you too, can get a sink full of dishes and forget to shower for three days,” were ideas people were clamoring for.

I also didn’t consider myself a “Parenting Blog” since most of my parenting articles were me complaining I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and why is there so much poop involved? I felt parenting blogs usually dispensed advice and articles about which baby stroller is the best or why you should try cloth diapers. You know, boring but useful articles with lots of affiliate links.

And what about this “geek” thing? My blog is called “Geek Mamas,” shouldn’t I mention that somewhere in my description and make it relevant?

So I finally think I nailed it down with “A Parenting and Lifestyle Blog with a Dash of Geek.”

It really boils down to a “mom blog,” but it sounds more legit. I talk about my life as a parent, but I also include product reviews, recipes, crafts, blog talk and maybe the occasional attempt at parental advice from experience. And then I randomly talk about Star Wars from time to time. And as far as creating a lifestyle, I figure we all have our own lifestyle and this blog is just a peek into mine. My messy, silly, occasionally funny, often geeky, always real-ish, #MomLife.

So what kind of blog do you have?

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  1. My blog is new – like litteraly only posted twice new – but for the first time, I feel like I have something to say. Not because I think I have a handle on things more than the next girl – in fact, I have no idea what I’m doing 99% of the time. But becoming a mom has strangely made me addicted to google, and I feel like sharing what I learned with other moms. It’s super clichΓ© to say a mom blog (not in your case, but in the case of someone with zero followers – aka, me!), but it’s basically what it is. I’m a mother, and I blog. And I hope to share product reviews, recipes, stories, advice and failures with others.


  2. I’m new to blogging. I have no idea what I’m doing. I love to write and love being a mom who confidently has no idea what shes doing. But I have 4 kids and my life is crazy like the next mom so I figure I should write some stuff down. Great post, nice to meet you!


  3. Mine is nothing.
    It’s over a year old, over 120 posts but such a wide freaking variety I can’t figure it out. lmao
    I could never see it as a lifestyle blog since it’s not nice, neat and fits in one little area.
    One of my sites is a craft/allergy friendly recipe blog
    The other, no clue.


  4. I have been blogging now for almost two years I think and the reason I started it was to help me get through my recovery with an Eating Disorder which it helped sharing my past struggles and current. Now that I have two children soon to be three tagging along I have also incorporated mom stuff as well as life stuff in general #makingitallwork.
    *I enjoy reading your blogs, thank you for sharing them!! πŸ™‚


  5. as someone who has just opened the door to the blogging world, i would say that i fall within the same vague parameters as you. i hadn’t considered the term “lifestyle” until you mentioned it. thanks!


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