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My Best Piece of Parenting Advice: It Gets Better

I’m not usually one to dish out parenting advice, but there’s one thing I’ve learned that keeps popping up over and over again – Don’t let your terrible experiences stop you from trying.

Like the people who take their child to a restaurant, suffer through a public meltdown, and then never leave the house again. (You know who you are!) It gets better. And you’ll never know that it’s getting better if you never try to do anything.

Parenting Advice It Gets Better

You may be thinking I’m a glutton for parental punishment with my multitude of posts that start with me optimistically trying to do something with my son (art, yoga, read a book, etc.) and then it turning into a total dumpster fire. But there’s also plenty of posts where things actually worked out and we had a good time.

See! Examples of success!

We try, we take a break, and then we go back. And each time I notice it gets a little better and eventually I’m shocked that we are finally enjoying something that used to be mildly torturous.

I’m sure I still have plenty of posting to do about crazy tantrums and total meltdowns, but I just wanted to take a minute and let all the new moms (and dads) know that it gets better. It’s hard seeing the light at the end of the toddler tunnel when you are in the thick of it and dealing with some level of crazy on a daily basis. And some days are worse than others. But it will change. That is something I have to remind myself during the challenging days- this too shall pass. And it does. And it gets better.  🙂



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  1. I concur. I have 4, the oldest being 12 and I can say from experience that yes, it gets better. Ultimately, they grow past the tantrums and it becomes nice to have real conversations together.


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