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The Sex Tea Experiment Didn’t Go as Planned

Around 8PM the other night I realized I had made myself a cup of tea earlier. About three hours earlier so by now it was a sad, cold, bitter cup of tea, which unfortunately perfectly reflected my mood at that point.

I had gotten a box of teas based on Traditional Chinese Medicine by Your Tea in my TheraBox, and they were a fun assortment of things like Happy Tea, Energy Tea and the aforementioned Sex Tea. I did an unboxing video for Therabox a few months ago and really enjoyed the contents. I had been saving the Sex Tea for an evening when I felt like I could use a little kickstart. Small children have a way of putting a damper on your sex life.

I optimistically made myself this cup of tea during a quiet moment, when I thought maybe my husband would be home early enough to take over parenting duties and I could have a small break to get some things done and maybe get some OTHER things done later if you know what I mean.

I think my mug was still heating in the microwave when everything just went all to hell. The screaming. The crying. The nonstop “mommy, mommy, mommy, I want this, I need that, wipe my butt,” etc. By the time my husband walked in the door, I’d had it. And when our son leeched himself onto me and refused to play with dad or even give him the slightest hello, I knew all I’d be getting that night was a headache.

And that’s when I remembered my tea. So I’m sad to say I have no idea if it works. I just had the one package, and by the time I got to it three hours later, it was in no shape for drinking. I was more in the mood for Sleepytime Tea at that point anyway.

Here’s to hoping I have better luck with the Happy Tea!


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  1. I can totally relate to the whole “let me plan to spend time with my husband but then the kids interfere” game. It’s especially tricky for me cause he’s more exhausted than I when he comes home so it’s him fighting the pull of his eye lids and I’m just like “go to bed, babe.” Sigh. That’s why I laugh when advice is to “plan it” cause that never works!! Lol.


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