Dear Bloggers, Stop it with the GIFs

I just tried to read what was a really decent post about blogging, but every paragraph was broken up with animated GIFs and the page was so busy it was on the verge of triggering a migraine. This was a post trying to give blogging advice, but what the author really needed was a lesson in layout design.

How am I supposed to pay attention to what you are trying to say, when someone is dancing above your text and drawing my attention away? I get maybe one or two well placed photos or GIFs to drive a point home and complement the article, but one after EVERY paragraph? No. Just stop. Even trying to write this while Lady Gaga waves her hand over and over above this paragraph is starting to annoy me.

I’ve only recently started running into this and didn’t even include it in my grouchy tirade I Don’t Read Your Blog, Here’s Why, although it falls along the same lines as the blogs that are all jammed up with ads between every paragraph. Except you guys with the ads are way worse. Nothing ruins a good blog post faster than text broken up with some horrible graphic and a women grabbing her flabby middle and asking me if I want to get rid of my excess belly fat. At least the GIFs actually make sense with the text.

The whole point of blogging is for people to be able to focus on what you are actually writing. (unless of course you have some other type of blog) It’s hard enough for most people to focus for just the few minutes it takes to read your post without ten other things jumping around on the page competing for their attention. Make it easy. Write something interesting and compliment it with a few good photos. Also make sure these photos are not massive images that dominate the whole page unless you have a photography or magazine style blog.

So that’s it. I want to read your post but I just can’t. Please stop it with all the GIFs. If you have two or more jumping around on the screen at the same time, it’s just too much.

*End Rant*




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  1. I loved this and the one about why you don’t read certain blogs. I’ll admit, now I’m going to go back and check my images, but I totally agree with you. I use gifs on Twitter, but I’ve never put them in a post before. I didn’t really know people did that. To be fair, I had so many WordAds when I was first trying to grow my blog. Once I took a good look at my page, I realized it overtook my writing. I got rid of them fairly quickly. Spelling and lack of punctuation drive me nuts, but even as an English major, I’m sure I’ve had a few issues. I proofread like 6 times before I publish though. Great post!


    • Thanks! People always ask me how they are supposed to make money if they remove those awful WordAds. The ads drive away your readers. Readers equal traffic. Traffic equals sponsored posts and sponsored posts are going to pay way more than a click on that ad for unwanted belly fat! And the gifs…that’s not even earning revenue so that’s just a bad choice all the way around lol.


  2. I am just starting. Literally. This is Day #2 for me. So I appreciate hearing this. I read so much advice out there about getting ads on your blog, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t follow it because I couldn’t imagine it would actually help matters. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this feeling!


    • Well, I may have stopped you from earning 50 cents there…lol. I’m sure the ads can make a lot of money for some people, but I had a friend with a regular blog, not huge or anything, and every six months or so she’d get a check for $5. Not worth it gunking up your blog!


  3. 😂😂😂😂 I agree with you about the GIFS! Sometimes they are just TOO MUCH !! I love pictures though but even sometimes ppl are a little excessive with those I think . Great post !! I enjoyed it!
    I’d love to connect with you here in the atmosphere of blogging !! Here’s my link for whenever you get the chance to drop by and read! I’d love to have your feedback!


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