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The Newest Soccer Mom on the Block

I officially became a Soccer Mom last week! Do you think I need a minivan now, or will my SUV suffice? I’m pretty sure it has room for soccer balls, a portable chair that I still need to buy and a cooler that I may or may not fill with wine.

I’ve been wanting to get my son involved in some kind of team sport for a while now and was trying to decide between baseball and soccer. I took him to watch both games at the park and he seemed more interested in soccer so I went with that. He also has a very famous soccer playing cousin named Roy Keane, so I figure soccer must run in his blood!

We joined the 3-4 year olds team, known as “The Minnows,” with Coastal Kicks, and got started this past Thursday. I’d been practicing with him for a while now, dribbling the ball up and down the beach, so he had a good idea of how to handle the ball. I knew he was going to want a bit of a challenge, and would be four soon anyway, so we put him with the four-year-olds. It was a good choice because some of the 3s were very young 3s and watching that group wildly run about was pretty entertaining. I believe the term “herding cats” was thrown about.

The older group actually learned some skills like dribbling and playing “popcorn” with the ball. They played red light/green light and a few other games to teach them how to control the ball. It was pretty neat to watch them all learn and respond to the coach. The class only lasts 45 minutes, which is perfect because my son kept eyeing the giant dirt pile near the baseball field and I knew his interest in soccer was waning while his interest in climbing the massive dirt pile was growing.

He really enjoyed it and is already asking when he gets to play again. I offered to practice with him at the beach and he told me no, he “only plays in the grass field now.” He’s Mr. Snooty soccer player after one class! Hoping he will make an exception because I really enjoyed running with him on the beach.

So far, Soccer Mom Life is good! I’m glad we got started in the spring before it’s a thousand degrees outside. I think I’ll be encouraging indoor sports when summer rolls around. Until then, I need to get myself a chair and pack more snacks.

So what about you? What was your child’s first sport? 

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  1. Soccer is a great sport i grew up along with my brothers playing soccer then we went on to well me softball them baseball 👍🏻


  2. soccer is a great sport because anyone can play and you can practice anywhere. I grew up playing soccer and it was the first sport my boys played as well


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