Welcoming Fall at Amazing Grace Family Farm Fall Festival

It may still be 90 degrees here in Florida, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the opening day of the Amazing Grace Fall Festival in Green Cove Springs, FL! With a crop maze, pumpkin patch, jump pad, corn crib and lots of farm animals and fun activities, it’s a great way to celebrate the season with the whole family. They are officially open for the Fall season every Friday and Saturday until October 26th.

You can purchase tickets on their website, or at the gate. You save about 75 cents a ticket by getting them online and there is a dedicated line at the gate for advance purchases. There was no line when we arrived around 11AM so we breezed right through and the kids made a beeline for the Jump Pad.

There are a lot of activities to choose from so we immediately got sidetracked by the Cow Train. It goes in a very slow moving loop around a field, which may look pretty boring, but it’s a bit of a bumpy ride so the kids actually enjoyed it.

amazing-grace-fall-festival (2).jpg

We made it to the Jump Pad next, which is a giant inflatable open-air jumping area. They have two, so big kids get one and smaller ones on the other. This was one of their favorite things and we went back to this several times throughout the day.

amazing-grace-fall-festival (4).jpgNext we hit the ball throwing area, where they could throw baseballs, footballs and basketballs. There was also a small kicking area for soccer. This was out in the hot sun with no shade, so we didn’t last long here! When you go, plan for a hot and dirty day. You will definitely need sunscreen.

amazing-grace-fall-festival (1).JPEGJust past the Barnyard Ball Zone was a little jumping ball corral where kids can bounce and chase each other. Then we got stuck for a while at the water game where you pump a handle up and down and race a rubber duckie down a PVC pipe ramp. The kids even enjoyed the area with old timey wooden toys and classic games like checkers.

We also tool a little lunch break and both tried the pork sandwich, while the kids had hot dogs. The food was pretty good! It came out quickly and everything was simple but yummy. It wasn’t too pricey either- for an adult meal plus drink and kid’s meal, the total was $15.

After lunch we visited the Corn Crib, which was another favorite activity that we went back to several times. It’s a little area that’s like a ball pit, but filled with corn! They had a blast burying themselves and throwing corn around.

I’d like to say we got to spend some time petting the cute farm animals – goats, baby goats, little piglets…but all I got to pet was a chicken. It was a nice chicken at least. The boys just refused to have anything to do with the petting areas, in favor of running amok. So while they were engrossed in a rubber duckie battle race, I snuck over and tried to find something cute to pet through the fence. So I got to spend a few quality minutes with this little lady:

amazing-grace-fall-festival (11).jpg

Next up we ventured into the Crop Maze, not to be confused with the usual “corn maze.” They call this one a crop maze because what is planted is Sorghum, a type of very versatile grain. We’ve had a bit of a drought this year so the plants were not very tall. Most areas were about four feet. This went for the sunflower fields as well. The maze was still a bit of a challenge, and also filled with pricker bushes (I recommend wearing close-toed shoes), and the sun was beating down on us the whole time so we finally emerged very sweaty and tired.

amazing-grace-fall-festival (9)The good news is there were plenty of shaded areas throughout the farm, nice big trees and a beautiful breeze that kept us cool for most of the day. So after a little rest in the shade, we made our way to the pumpkin patch to pick out our first pumpkin of the season. I favor a nice big orange one with a curly stem, but ever since my son was a baby at his first pumpkin patch, he always has picks out a white pumpkin.

So we got our pumpkins and wrapped up our day at the farm. There are more activities than I’ve covered and I certainly feel like we got our money’s worth! We spent the whole day there, the kids had a blast and it was a great way to kick off the change of season. I definitely recommend adding this to your Fall activities plans.

Amazing Grace Family Farms

2899 Wisteria Farms Road
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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