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Week in Review: Bowling, Birthdays, a Big Shark, Easter Nails and Photo Air Fresheners

The Week in Review is back after a little break! I’m trying out posting on Fridays instead of Mondays. I didn’t like hustling on Sunday evening trying to get a post ready. I’ve been trying to spend my weekends enjoying life offline a little more and concentrating on house projects. Spring is here, flowers are blooming and things are popping up all over the yard so I’ve been planting and preparing for my favorite growing season. Plus we’ve got a lot of birthdays this month and Easter coming up!

Week in Review: 4/5 – 4/12

Happy Birthday! April is a big month for birthdays in our household. My husband, son and mother-in-law all have birthdays one after another. My son’s original due date was on his dad’s birthday! I ended up being induced two days early, so while they ended up with different dates, they still often have a double party. This year we did a special gathering at Adventure Landing for games and go-karts before moving to Flask and Cannon for pizza and cake. We had a really neat Lotus Candle on the cake, which opens up into a flower and spins and plays Happy Birthday music!


Easter Egg Nails – My friend Natasha actually came up with this idea and sent me a pic of her nails. Paint each nail a different spring color and then paint one white with little dots of color. I thought it looked fun and was a great way to try out all the colors on the new pastel gel nail color set I just got on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Kids Bowl Free is back! We got an early start on summer bowling with the Kids Bowl Free program. Just sign up at KidsBowlFree.com and kids can bowl two free games all summer and you can add family members on the pass as well. This year I got myself some cute bowling shoes so it’s totally free when we go. I figure it’s not like I’m going to grow out of them! They’ll pay for themselves eventually. We always have a lot of fun whether we last the full game or not. Sometimes the lure of the game room is too strong!

kids bowl free

Shark! We had some excitement during our usual evening beach walk this week when some fisherman caught a shark at Atlantic Beach and then quickly posed for a photo before putting it back in the water. I posted the photo on a our neighborhood Facebook group and it went a bit viral and was shared hundreds of times! The news came out and interviewed me since the guys were not local and had already left the city. I am currently reconsidering my plans to start surfing again…LOL


And now for this week’s Product Sponsor: PhotoAirFresheners.com

I got to try out creating a few personalized photo air fresheners this week at PhotoAirFresheners.com. The make a unique gift or great keepsake. I gave both a regular photo and the blog logo a try. I thought they both turned out good, but they recommend their sister site, CustomComet.com for more detailed and custom logo products.


You get to choose your shape and scent, then upload any photo. There’s also the option to add text. Shipping is fast and free, and each air freshener arrives individually packaged. There’s no minimum to order and there is a quantity discount.



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  1. First of all, a spinning lotus flower candle that sings happy birthday sounds amazing! Also, how in the world did those two CATCH a shark? And yes, that makes me second guess my weekly beach visits :-/ Also, thanks for the candle idea! I’m headed over there to order some now!


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