A Game of Tea: Game of Thrones Inspired Tea Sampler from Adagio

Who’s ready for the final season of Game of Thrones? I’m looking forward to watching the premier tonight! So to celebrate, I thought it was time to break out the Adagio Game of Thrones tea sampler set. Adagio carries a huge collection of really unique teas for every taste (and lots of different fandoms too!). Check them all out at:

*I was sent this tea free to review and post may contain affiliate links.


Unique Signature Tea Blends by Adagio

Adagio has over 123,000 Signature Tea Blends created by their customers and many are inspired by fandoms. They offer sampler sets of six that come in cool little metal tins you can use long after the tea is gone.

There are three different Game of Thrones sampler tea sets available alone! The one I picked out was created by Aun-Juli Riddle and features several chai blends spiked with spices and warm notes of caramel, coconut and spiced apple.

I’m still working my way through trying them all, but so far my favorite is the Lannister Royal Tea, with tiger eye, cinnamon and almond. It’s very smooth and rich and tastes great with a little honey added. I’m thinking I might give the Targaryen Spirits a try tonight. It’s similar, but with a different chai blend and a touch of coconut.

game of thrones tea from adagio

 So which tea would you want to try? And who’ll be watching Game of Thrones tonight too?

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  1. A co-worker of mine has gone all over town looking for the Game Of Thrones Oreos. I think I’d rather sample oreos over tea…. but she just wants to resell them on Amazon.
    Game of Thrones is taking over the food industry!


  2. I forgot about Adiago tea. I tried one of their Doctor Who sets a while back. I think it had a few maté teas which I always love. They used to always have a 10% off coupon floating around too I think. Also I’m now craving oreos haha.


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