Mom Life

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom

I’m visiting my mom for Mother’s Day weekend so this one is going to be short and sweet! One of these days I’ll plan ahead of time. 🙂

Nothing makes you appreciate your mom in new ways like becoming a parent. You reach a new level of understanding for every crazy developmental stage you go through. It’s really humbling to think “Wow, I bet I was a little jerk sometimes too.” And you understand that crazy level of love that makes them impose rules on you that you hated, but realize now they were just trying to protect you. It makes me try and be a little more tolerant these days when my mom might drive me crazy. I know there was a time I was driving her crazy too.

My mom was always my cheerleader, always supporting me and always trying to make me happy. I love her for that, and try to make sure I do the same for my son. My mom laid the foundation for the person I am today. I love you mom. Thank you for everything.

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