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Deflecto’s School’s Out, Craft’s In Party

If you read my blog, you might have noticed I like to get organized. I make lists, I collect calendars and planners, and I love arranging things neatly in little storage containers. I find putting things in order soothing. So when Tryazon presented the opportunity to throw a little party to show off Deflecto’s line of craft organizers, I may have gotten a little over excited at the thought of getting to use all those fun little boxes and containers.

*Post sponsored by Tryazon and Deflecto, but all opinions are honest and my own. May contain affiliate links*

Checking out the fancy organizers by Deflecto

Checking out the fancy organizers by Deflecto

They sent me a lovely selection including their Stackable Caddy plus wheel base, small storage containers with Mounting Bar, Rotating Carousel Organizer, 3 -Drawer Organizer and Expandable Marker Accordion. All their products are available at Michael’s, Target and Amazon.

Deflecto was founded more than 50 years ago and has developed a diverse line of highly customizable storage products for the art, craft and education market. For years, Deflecto has been a leading manufacturer of office storage and organizational products, so moving into the arts and crafts market was a natural progression. They want to design creative and innovative products tailored to the specific needs of crafters. Learn more about Deflecto HERE.

I enjoy painting and hiding rocks, also known as Kindness Rocks, so I’ve been wanting to do a rock painting party for a while. I decided to do a cookout so we could set-up outside just in case the kids got a little messy with the paint! I used the Expandable Marker Accordion with several marker sets and and then spread it out to display them down the center of the table.

I also used the Rotating Carousel Organizer to hold rocks, paint brushes and napkins for the painting options. Everything was very neatly organized!

We had a great day painting, cooking out and hanging by the pool. The kids had a fun time getting crafty and everybody painted a rock (or two). And then we all posed with the Deflecto $20 rebate coupons for our group photo and got back to drinking, eating and painting more rocks!






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    • When I first started seeing them around my neighborhood, I was afraid to take them! lol. Now I love finding them so I started making some to replace all the ones I thought were too pretty to re-hide 🙂


      • That’s such a precious idea! Do you keep them on display in your home now? Maybe in a pretty jar. So many fun possibilities!


        • We have a rock and shell garden area where I keep my favorites, but we re-hide most of them for other people to find. There’s a hashtag on the bag for people to post on Facebook and then you get to see where your rocks ended up and where they travel!


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