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Week in Review: 4th of July, Waffles, Returning to Normal and the Silver Maple Pacifier Case

It was quite a week as we returned from the trip for my father’s funeral, tried to return to normal(ish), my son got obsessed with strawberry waffles and we checked out a cool new pacifier case from Silver Maple.

Week in Review: June 28  – July 5

Our new normal – My father and dog both passed away within days of each other, so it has been a rough time. We flew to Missouri for the funeral, and since my husband is deployed overseas, it was my first solo plane trip with our son. He did great! Even when our first flight was delayed on the runway for two hours, he didn’t have a meltdown. Although I admit, I was close to one myself. He was a great little traveler. We are now home and adjusting.  The house seems kind of empty without my husband and our dog to come home to. Thank goodness my son does an extra good job of filling it up with noise and general chaos, lol.

traveling with toddler

Happy 4th of July! We celebrated this year with a big party on the 3rd of July. Since my son stayed up until 11PM on the 3rd, he was pooped out and asleep by 7:30 PM on the 4th! No complaints from me, since we saw a great fireworks display the night before and it was nice to be home safe and watch the fireworks from my back porch.

Leggo my Eggo! My son’s new favorite food is strawberry Eggo waffles. He’ll eat three of them in a row! All by hand, like a cookie, no syrup. I guess it’s no surprise, since I ate one almost every night around 2AM when I was pregnant. I’d wake up hungry and couldn’t get to sleep until I had a waffle and milk. What was a surprise, was when he made two of them on his own and surprised me with breakfast! I feel like there’s a breakfast in bed in my not-so-distant future.


And now for this week’s sponsor: Silver Maple Deluxe Pacifier Cases

When our son was a baby, we had pacifiers stashed everywhere! Sometimes I still find them shoved in bag pockets or under the car seats. Silver Maple has created a case that makes it easy to keep your pacifiers organized and separate the clean ones from those dirty ones you plucked off the ground a little too late.

Pacifier-case (2)

With two compartments and plenty of space for several pacifiers, the Silver Maple Deluxe Pacifier Case is a must-have for the baby bag.

The Deluxe Pacifier Cases come in Timeless Blue and Classic Pink colors. They also come with a handy little strap to attach them to your bag or stroller. The cases retail for $15.99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

Untitled design - Edited.png

That’s it for this week! Our next big adventure will be visiting Legoland and then trying to survive the summer until summer camp starts up again. So do you have any big summer plans coming up? Let me know in the comments where your summer adventures will be taking you 🙂

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