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Keane Interest: Circus Yoga, Urban Air, Halloween Decor and Tablift

I had an eventful week that left me a little sore afterwards! One minute I’m hanging upside at Circus Yoga and then next I’m jumping in the biggest ball pit I’ve ever been in while navigating a Ninja Warrior course. I also survived a full-moon Friday the 13th, added a neat mermaid skeleton to my Halloween decor collection and tried out a handy product designed with bedtime tablet readers in mind.

Circus Yoga SaltAer Circus Arts

Last week I tried out a fun new way to stretch and tone at SaltAer Circus Arts in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I stretched, flipped over and even hung upside down on giant fabric slings suspended from the ceiling. And I had so much fun I’m going again tomorrow! Click here to read the whole Circus Yoga story!

Urban Air Adventure Park

I got to try out a new indoor trampoline and adventure park that has a TON of things to do! Go-Karts, a ninja warrior type obstacle course, bumper cars, trampolines, ropes course…the list goes on. Check out the full blog post: Urban Air Adventure Park!

Are you ready for Halloween?

My favorite time of the year is Halloween! I feel like last week’s full moon Friday the 13th really kicked off this spooky season, even though we’re still in September. I love decorating the house and yard each year and I try to add one new big thing to my creepy collection. So this year I splurged on a life size mermaid skeleton! I found it at online at Oriental Trading Co. She’s going to hang out in the front yard with another skeleton dressed as a pirate.


And now for this week’s product of Keane Interest : Tablift Tablet Stand

*Previously known as the Week in Review Product Sponsor

I like to read my Kindle in bed, but holding it is not always the easiest thing. I start on my back, get tired of holding it and then flip over and try to prop it up against the headboard. Sometimes I lie on my side and lean it against a pillow. None of these positions is particularly comfortable, so I was intrigued by Tablift, a product designed to fit over your body and hold your tablet for you.


It has flexible legs and comes folded up in the box, then you unfold and arrange the legs to fit over you while reclining in bed (or on the couch, your favorite chair, etc.). It fits any tablet up to 10mm in size, so it works great with iPads and Kindles. You can also use it to stand up your tablet anywhere, like on the kitchen counter where you might need to free up space while trying to follow a recipe.

At first I was worried it might be a little cumbersome, since it reminded me a little alien hovering over me with its crazy little legs. But once I clipped my Kindle in and started reading, the concept quickly grew on me as I comfortably flipped electronic pages while propped up on pillows. I ended up really liking it. It’s also the sort of thing that would make a great gift for tablet readers. You can get one for yourself (or a friend) on Amazon: Tablift Tablet Stand.

I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of myself using it, and my son was being uncooperative, so I found a couple of stand-in models who were more than happy to sit still and pose for the camera.


That’s it for all the interesting bits of the week! This week I’ll have the giveaway for Urban Air posted on Wednesday, and then this weekend I’ll be celebrating my 44th birthday at Legoland and checking out their newest hotel, the Beach Retreat.

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