Pokémon GO: A Little Late but Now I Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Shortly after my son was born, Pokémon GO became a thing. So of course I downloaded it, chose my team and gave it a try. I tossed my poke balls and played for about 10 minutes before my newborn son started crying and needed a feeding or diaper change or something that was a million more times important than tossing computerized balls at imaginary monsters. My initial reaction was pretty much: This is a total waste of time, DELETE. But that was about to change….


I saw the Facebook posts of people happily gathering and driving around town hunting down Pokémon and visiting Poke Stops. I read about it all as I was trapped under a sleeping baby at home, with no hope of wandering around and visiting anywhere beyond my living room and my sweet cushy rocking chair/glider. I even made fun of friends who popped on the app during rare dinners out, just to check and see if any Pokémon were wandering about. I found it annoying.

The day the Pokémon finally got me

A few years later, one three hour layover and a spontaneous download, and now that’s me- tossing Poke balls, evolving Pokémon, taking over gyms, and checking the app if I think we might be near a Poke Stop because it’s become a low-level obsession to collect them. Gotta Catch ‘Em All you know…

sudowoodo happy little trees

A Bonsly to a Sudowoodo? Yeah I evolved that! Shirt by

So how exactly did it happen?

My son and I were stuck at the airport with three hours to kill and I’d already bought an overpriced toy that broke, he was bored of the iPad, there was nothing to do and I was trying to think of something different. That’s when I remembered my friend’s son enjoying catching Pokémon. So I downloaded the app, let my son pick out the trainer’s name, team and outfit and we started playing. And that’s how we became PokitaruPicachu. (as a side note- it still bugs me the Pikachu is misspelled) We had absolutely no idea what were doing besides tossing Poke balls, but we discovered there’s a lot of Pokémon at the airport! And Poke Stops! We wandered all over the airport hunting down Pokémon and before we knew it, it was time to get on the plane.

Slowly the Pokémon obsession grew…

We popped on the app casually after that, here and there, when we were bored and I remembered the Pokémon thing. Soon I had questions. Questions led to Googling and learning the ins and outs of the game. Learning the game led to me yelling things like, “Don’t power him up! Save your stardust!” and eventually I was cruising more slowly through our neighborhood so I could spin Poke Stops along the way. Next thing I was taking over gyms and using berries selectively. And now here we are, where I have a tendency to show up for my son’s preschool pick-up 30 minutes early because there’s a Poke Stop in the parking lot and I learned how to drop a lure or incense and sit there and catch Pokémon to my heart’s content.

The problem now is that I’m invested. I suppose the gamer in me just couldn’t resist. My trainer may look like a little blond boy, but there’s a 40-something year old mom wielding those Poke balls and I just won my first raid last weekend so watch out! And this week I learned to throw curve balls and get those extra XP’s. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow Pokémon has become a THING for me and now I’m a little disappointed I missed out on its heyday when it was first released.

Want to be my Poké friend?

So I may be a little late, but I’m in it now. If you are still playing, my Trainer Code is: 7846 1986 6710. I’m still learning the rules and game play, but I’m having fun collecting Pokémon and enjoy getting presents from friends around the world 🙂


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