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Notice the Baby Sleeping Sign! Go Away or Suffer the Consequences

baby sleeping wooden signAlthough the real sentiment here is “Ring the bell, I break your face,” this is a much nicer way of putting things. My Baby Sleeping wooden sign upgrade from GiftedOccasion.com looks so much better than my old hand written sign I used to tape to the door. This one is a 3-D wooden design cut from birch and stained dark walnut. My old baby sleeping sign was an piece of scrap paper scribbled on with black Sharpie.

Now that my son naps only on occasion, I forget the utter panic at the thought someone might come to the door. Because we have dogs, a knock on the door, a bell ring, or even just a leaf fluttering too close to the window can elicit a series of barks and howls sure to wake any sleeping child. Any time that’s happened, I fly down the stairs and then run around like a mad woman yelling (as quietly as possible) “shush, shush, shushhhhh!”

In an effort to lessen the chance of visitors during those extremely valuable napping moments, I have been taping this baby sleeping sign to my front door for the last 3 years:

handwritten baby sleeping sign

In fact, sometimes just so I didn’t forget to put it up, I’d leave it there for days on end, until it finally fell off and was unusable. It worked fine, but I kept having to replace it and it just didn’t look nice on our door. We are replacing our door tomorrow with a very pretty custom front door and I did not want to tape my ugly sign back up!

So I’m excited to have a pretty new baby sleeping sign, for our pretty new front door. And this one will last longer than my son’s napping years and will most likely be passed on. Or possibly saved and put out when I just don’t want to be bothered. Yes, I totally do that, lol.

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  1. I love this sign! I think I need to get one. . . Lol, why does UPS think they need to ring the bell?! USPS has it figured out. They drop a package and go. UPS wakes up my kids every time!


    • Agreed! And UPS doesn’t even wait- they just ring the bell, drop the package and leave me in a wake of dogs barking and crying baby. No reason to ring that bell at all. Even if the baby isn’t sleeping, lol.


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