What Are You Going to be for Halloween?

It’s the time of year when most conversations will veer toward Halloween costumes at some point and the popular inquiry of what you and your child will be for Halloween. Since I have been known to dress up elaborately from time-to-time, I get asked this question a lot, usually with the expectation that I will have a really good answer. Unfortunately, I do not. For maybe the first time ever, I have no idea what I’m wearing.

mad hatter candy keane

One of us is into costuming…

I really wanted to dress up with my son, but he didn’t want to wear anything. He went through a brief Spider-Man phase that I wholeheartedly supported and even bought and customized several Spider-man costumes. He refuses to wear any of them now. So I brought him to the Halloween store hoping to inspire him. I told him I would buy him ANY costume in the entire store he wanted, but we left empty handed.


I totally encouraged this brief phase

It was a lot easier when he was too small to notice what he was wearing, and I’d just try and find something that was easy for him to wear so he didn’t even realize it was a costume. This got us through our first few Halloweens with cute family costumes. But this year, every suggestion was shot down. When I told him he wouldn’t get any candy unless he was dressed up, he finally settled on being a Ninja, because that’s what a friend of his said he was being.

the rubbles family costume

Halloween at age 2, when he still had no idea what was going on!

We happen to have a hand-me-down outfit, which I looked up online to see if it was from a movie or anything and found it listed as a “traditional Chinese Kung-Fu outfit.”

Actual description:

  • Made of silk satin, embroidered dragon, traditional chinese style, more show extraordinary Chinese amorous feelings.
  • Fine workmanship, leisure style, homely, attend conferences can be dressed.

So apparently, he’s good to go if he wants to attend a conference and show some extraordinary Chinese amorous feelings. I found a black ribbon to tie around his head to complete the “ninja” outfit, and he ended up looking like a little Johnny Lawrence from Karate Kid.


Sweep the leg!

So that’s what we are going with! I had really wanted to be a spooky mermaid, but I may save that for next year and maybe just wear my SubZero costume so I can be a ninja too. And we are just going to ignore the fact that his costume is 24 mo. size and the pants only go just below his knees. The waist part fits so insists it’s perfect, and I guess that’s what matters. If he likes it, I will support his costuming decision.

So, what are YOU going to be for Halloween?

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